July 9, 2018

Getting Started With Essential Oils

A few weeks ago I shared some of my favorite essential oil rollerball combinations and some of you wanted to know how to get started with oils.
I admit, it's overwhelming. I looked at some of the major companies probably 20-30 times and did a lot of reading before diving in. I was going to purchase an oil here or there, but made the decision to buy a starter kit so that I could really try things out. Young Living is the company I went with, and there is no extra fees to purchase a kit from them. It's not cheap- so it is a commitment. But, it's a commitment I wanted to make to try and eliminate more toxins and chemicals from my daily routine.

The Young Living starter kit comes with 11 essential oils, a diffuser and extra samples of more products like a dietary supplement, a cleaning pack and accessories to make rollerballs out of your purchased oils. I also purchased the Gentle Baby oil which I had heard so much about, and was one of the things that made me lean towards Young Living as opposed to other major brands.

Essential oils can help your mentality, your health, and make a difference in your home. The oils came with a large user guide that was very helpful and a community full of references and ways to use them. I search these groups easily, a few times a week looking for recipes of oils to diffuse or ideas to incorporate the oils into our home. I started with just diffusing the oils and made sure to read thoroughly what I was doing around Bella. We were still co-sleeping when I began using them, and there are definitely certain oils that you should not use around babies so I took things carefully.

I recommend smelling the oils and reading what they can do for your life one at a time. A lot of people mentioned trying the Stress Away oil and it was way too overwhelming for me the first time. Some oils may take you a while to get used to, shortly after the Stress Away has become one of my favorite oils.
After diffusing them for a few weeks, I started to dive in and apply them topically for various reasons. I use Peppermint and Lavender with a little Stress Away. My favorite way to do this is with the rollerballs. It's way less messy and definitely seems like an easier way to apply them to your body.
There is a TON of information out there- so I created a note in my phone (one of my favorite apps is Notes- I store SO much there) about what oils I wanted to try and why. Most everything I needed to start was in the starter kit, so that was a nice way to begin. I also saved pics of recipes and combinations and tips and keep them in a folder to easily access.

I already started a post on how I use them in my daily life, which might be nice and make more sense to you as to why I purchased a starter kit to dive in and get started with the essential oils. The community of users has been very helpful in answering any questions I have and suggesting things for babies. I also see posts about pets and other topics which is really awesome- you can use oils for so much!

What other questions do you have about oils? If you use them, do you have a favorite one?

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