July 16, 2018

9 Months With Baby Bella

9 months?! Whoa, how did that happen?!! Bella is such a busy baby and it is so much fun watching her explore and get in to new things each month.

Only a few more until the big 1 and I can't even believe it. Here's what BC has been up to this month. *There are affiliate links in this post.

Loves: Our little babe loves playing with her toys, reading books, rolling and attempting to crawl. She loves all kinds of foods and doesn't seem to turn much down- grow Bella grow! Bella loves story time and getting read to- she always looks intently at the pictures in the books. She is still in to tags and will fixate on them if she sees them to get them in her mouth- ha!

Not a fan of: Bella has started teething and while they still aren't popping through she has really white gums and has been a tad fussy which is unusual for her. She doesn't like going down for naps or bed unless she is totally worn out- so I try to do just that every day. Play and play until she's exhausted!

Sleeping: Our sweet babe still sleeps great through the night. She sometimes will fall asleep for a nap later in the day than I would like, but she still goes down for the night at the same time and sleeps for 11 hours or so. We aren't on a nap schedule and sometimes that works, and other times it bites us in the butt. Overall, she's a pretty great baby regardless.

Feeding: BC has been eating more and more foods and we have moved on to Stage 2 foods. These ones have a lot more mixes and she's tried new things like pineapple, mango and some mixed berries. I just purchased some fresh food feeders so we can put some fruits and things in them and see how she likes those. Bella enjoys puffs and yogurt melts too.

Stats: She doesn't go for her checkup until the beginning of August and we are SO excited to see how much she weights and how tall Bella is!

Favorite Moments and Things I Don't Want To Forget From Month 9: We had some more trips to the pool- Bella LOVES splashing in the water and she had her first few trips to the zoo. It is so fun to see her reactions to things, especially to the carousel moving! She went on her first swing and had fun watching the boy next to her too (eye roll- haha). Some of my favorite moments from the month are cute things I spy her doing around our house- loving on Daddy, going to town on her teethers and playing :)

Products We Are Loving: 
Baby Nintendo Teether- Bella LOVES this one!

Baby Bling Bows- they are SO soft, I love the actual bow part on them too.

Graco Extend2Fit- We just upgraded one of Bella's seats to a convertible car seat and chose this one based on things we read and her height. So far we are liking it and only purchased one so we can be sure if we want to go with two of the same seats for both cars. Bella is loving life in the new seat and loves looking around. The first night we tested it out she giggled the whole ride.

Happy 9 months sweet baby girl, we are so in love with you and enjoy watching you grow. I can't wait to see what you do next and am so thankful for your smiles and giggles Bella boo!

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