June 27, 2018

What I Am Loving From Brandless

Let me start by saying, this post isn't sponsored. I want to share this amazing goodness with all of you, and scream from the rooftop how awesome this stuff is!

I recently saw a Facebook ad for Brandless, and had heard the name, but wasn't quite sure what they were all about. Brandless started last year, and their products have better for you ingredients. They have food, household, beauty items and much more, categories I of course, LOVE. Brandless believes you pay way more for things from a name brand, so they aim at keeping costs low and literally every single thing offered is only $3...SUCH A DEAL!
There are no affiliate links in this post, but if you would like to purchase any items from Brandless through my referral link here- I can save some on my next box (thanks friends).

All their food items are non-GMO, and contain no artificial flavors- it's all so good. Beauty products are not tested on animals- huge win! I really love that they are all about safety and quality, it's refreshing that Brandless is so motivated to make great and good for you products for their customers.

There's plenty more I want to try- but so far I've received 2 boxes full from Brandless and they've been food and household things. Here's what I'm loving:
Bathroom Tissue- made of tree free paper and being honest- it's nice on your body. 6 rolls for $3. I'm not a fan of math, but 50 cents a roll seems good to me.

Partially Popped Popcorn- I got the dill pickle flavor, and holy yum. I love anything pickle- but this crunchiness adds a WOW factor. 

Glazed Almonds- These taste just the same, actually a tad better than the ones that are at the mall during Christmas and every fair in town. SO good- we've tried cinnamon and maple and will be buying both again.

Surface Wipes- So, I only purchased these for my desk at work because I'm a Norwex fanatic. Norwex cleans with only water and I'm all about that life. But when you're using previously shared spaces in an office environment it's nice to have some quick cleaning wipes to keep at your desk.

Dry Roasted Pistachios- You just can't get pistachios this cheap. Funny story- I used to smoke cigarettes, and one time in college I tried to quit. I went to Wal-Mart and bought the biggest container of pistachios I could find to keep me occupied when I had the temptation to light up a cigarette. Well, I proceeded to eat the enormous container all in one day and made myself sick. Pistachios are wonderful- in moderation. $3 will keep you happy, and also smoke-free. Thankfully I quit that awful habit several years later, for good!

Foaming and Gel Hand Soap- Brandless offers 2 options of soap, both a foaming and a gel. I like gel in the kitchen, and foam in the bathroom- just my weird ways. All the scents are pleasant, and not tested on animals.

Chocolate Chip Cookie Thins- Holy YUM, these are such a great snack. I've been taking a little bag to work and am glad I didn't pack the whole bag or they would be gone in one morning. I also got the toasted coconut cookie thins and they're equally amazing.

Extra Virgin Olive Oil Spray- great for cooking my egg whites, and when I need it for baking. I love olive oil spray!

Have you ever tried Brandless? I can't believe that every item is only $3! If you want to try it out, no commitments or minimum purchase total required- you can use my referral link. If you haven't tried Brandless, what do you have your eye on?! 

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