June 22, 2018

Friday Favorites- What's In My Amazon Cart

Happy Friday everyone! This week has seemed to fly by- and I'm okay with that.

Bring on the weekend and more Summer fun, right?! I thought it would be interesting to share what is in my Amazon cart right now. I am so nosey and one of those people who love to see what's in your purse and planner, and all that good stuff. So here's what's in my Amazon cart right now! *There are affiliate links in this post.

Oogiebear ear and nose cleaner for baby- I've seen this once or twice, and it seems pretty awesome. It's so weird how easily babies get ear wax, and a washcloth doesn't always clean it the best. Sorry, just being honest. I have to try this out!

Frywall splatter screen- Nothing is worse than when cooking sauce on the stove and you take the lid off and it splashes everywhere, this splatter screen will solve those problems.

Nursery Fresh diaper pail refill- We have a Diaper Genie, but got a heads up from a Babies R Us employee, when shopping once that these work just the same- for a fraction of the cost. We stocked up when our local store was closing, but we are close to being out. 

Langria Garment Rack- We have a smaller garment rack, but I think this would be great for outfit planning for the week- or preparing for vacation. I'm not sure that it's a necessity, that's why I haven't hit purchase on this one yet.

Carrington Farms Flax Chia blend- I am way overdue on making my favorite delicious protein bites, and I can never find this stuff when I roam the aisles at the grocery store. Amazon always saves the day ;)

Kernel Seasons popcorn seasoning- Someone shared on Instagram a few weeks ago various combos using these seasonings. I LOVE popcorn when we are at home watching movies, so I can't wait to try these!

one-shoulder striped swimsuit- I'm a huge sucker for things one-shoulder or off the shoulder and I need a fun suit to keep up with Bella. Girlfriend has way more bathing suits than me at 8 months, ha-ha! I love this look!

ZOHZO car seat travel bag- Honestly, I hadn't even heard of these until this month when a blogger shared hers before going on their family vacation. What a genius idea, as those car seats can be a pain to manage while at the airport, mainly once out of the infant stage. I think we will be purchasing this before our next trip.

That's all for today. I hope you all have a great weekend- the first one of Summer! Tell me- what's something on your Amazon list?! 

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