June 6, 2018

Balancing My Career and Parenting- The Transition

As I talked about my maternity leave ending earlier this year, some of my sweet friends and Mom's to be asked if I could share about the transition back to work.
I went back to work in mid-February part-time, which was perfect for adjusting to everything. The first day back to work I only cried a total of 4 times after drop-off and seeing Bella's sweet smile at the end of the day was so great. We take her to a sitter who watches Bella and some other children out of her home, and that works perfect for us. Not everyone's situation will be the same- and that's okay. I was off on Thursday's and my Bella's Grammie had her on Wednesday's and it was a great balance.

I learned early on, that there is always going to be something not done. Whether it be laundry, the dishes in the sink, a mess in the living room or serving dinner at 9:30 pm...things won't be like they used to. At first that was hard for me to understand and accept. It would take me a MONTH to respond to blog comments- sometimes that still happens. Thanks for being so kind through it all- that helps me immensely! You may have realized that posts look a little different these days- not as many DIY's or in-depth recipes...but I think I have a bigger zest for life and inspiration now.

My anxiety is something that I am always trying to overcome and messes and disorganization really heighten my troubles. I thrive on routines and things being orderly, so I've adjusted by getting up a little earlier in the morning and getting a few things done- sometimes it's picking up things from the night before or unloading the dishwasher. I try to take advantage of the times Bella is asleep- I swear during a nap I'm like a human tornado running from room to room to accomplish tasks.

I've realized that I far more enjoy time with my family than a clean house. I was laying on the floor the other day while Bella played on her mat and looked over and saw some spots that needed clean on the kitchen floor- there were crumbs and my hair (LOL) laying there and I just let it be. It was very hard for me and sometimes I have to talk to the voice in my head saying to clean it up, but I enjoyed laying there playing with Bella much more then having to get up and clean. Will my children remember a dirty floor or laundry not being done? Nope. They will remember the laughs and fun times- so those take precedence.

Motherhood is a daily balance of priorities. When I'm at work I am doing the best job I can and focusing on my duties there, and when I get home I'm trying to be Mom and Wife and get all the things on my list done. Some days my children need more attention, and other days when things are a little more laid back I can get a lot knocked off my list in one day. Making lists and following my planner have been a few things that have really helped me stay organized and balanced and throwing out a schedule has been important too. There's things I want to do some days and time just doesn't allow for it, and that is okay. Tomorrow is a new day!

Overall- I think everyone has their own way of adjusting and making things work for them. Some take longer to adjust- most days I feel that I'm still trying to figure it all out. My new job requires me to work full-time so it's going to be another period of adjustment and transitions, but we will figure it out. Motherhood is a beautiful journey that doesn't look the same for every single person. It's about seeing the beautiful moments in each day and appreciating every second.

If you're a Mom- how do you balance your career with all your motherly duties?

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