June 20, 2018

5 Simple Things To Focus On This Week

Life gets so crazy busy during the Summer months, doesn't it? But usually it's a good crazy.
There's weddings, and parties, and picnics...and jam-packing all the fun in to a few short months where the weather is consistently beautiful (hopefully). I look at my planner and go in to panic mode about what's not getting done around the house due to our busy schedule. But instead of worrying, I encourage you to focus on other things. The not so overwhelming things. Forget about the daunting things.

This week, you should focus on:

- all the wonderful people you have to celebrate life with. Our planners are full because we are in the company of amazing friends and family. Cheers to that!

-sunshine and great weather. Go enjoy it. Get outside and soak it up!

-the fact that you have a job. If you are overwhelmed with work, please take a minute and be thankful that you are employed. Others may not be so fortunate right now.

-love. Sometimes you can't love everything about your life, but think about all the things you love. We wake up given an opportunity each day. Those opportunities look different for different people, but we all have something to love each day. 

-taking advantage of the good moments. We go through things- sometimes it may be arguing with a loved one, or being stressed about your income, or not being able to agree on something big with an important person in your life. Those aren't the only moments our weeks are made up of- so we need to take advantage of the good moments and live them up.

I hope you're all having a great week and enjoying the sweet moments of Summer! Tell me, what's one thing you will focus on this week?

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