May 30, 2018

May Favorites

Happy end of May- who's ready for more sunshine and Summer fun?!! ME! Let's share some favorites from the month and see what was great from around the Internet in May.
Favorite Parenting Post: Cara shared 5 important life lessons her boys taught her and number one is SO true. Being a parent is a sometimes difficult navigation through life, but oh so rewarding!

Best Laugh of the Month: Lindsay always makes me smile- and this post is a supreme example of her sarcasm that I love so much. I'm a sarcastic one too- so she is my kind of people. I knew right away, just because of the discussions we have had that this post was just that and it made me laugh so hard at work- I needed it that morning.

Favorite Article I Came Across on Facebook: A friend shared this article and it's pretty interesting to think about what goes on in your child's brain when you're reading them a story. Good read, check it out.

Favorite Moment: Mother's Day was extra special this year. It was a great laid back day at our house with the family and I wish every Sunday could be like that. My Ethan, Bella and Chuck made the day so nice.
Favorite Royal Wedding Post: I LOVED this post from Audrey about the royal wedding. I'll admit I'm not a huge royal fanatic- but it's always very interesting to see the traditions and the beautiful festivities that take place. I saw a LOT of negativity surrounding Meghan and it was very sad so I was really excited to see this great post from Audrey!

Favorite Recipe: Missy's recipes always have me drooling at my computer before 11 am, and I love the variety she shares. This cauliflower sheet pan meal looks and sounds divine. A great dinner for Spring and Summer- check out this goodness.

Favorite Instagram Account: Comments by Celebrities- Bravo edition. Of course the awesome Two Judgey Girls shared this account and I crack up seeing the posts. The account highlights comments that celebrities leave on pictures and hilarious captions to go with it. This particular account is for Bravo celebrities which I love of course!

Favorite Purchase: This BP ruffle sleeve tee from Nordstrom is SO cute and I got so many compliments when I wore it. It's so comfy too- bonus!

Favorite Dream Big posts in May:
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Hope you are having a great week so far and enjoyed your long weekend! Soak in that sunshine!

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