May 16, 2018

7 Months With Baby Bella

7 months...not sure how that happened, but here we are. Bella Charlie is 7 months old today and what a fun ride it has been so far.
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Loves: Bella LOVES splashing in water- whether it be in the bathtub, or at the Children's Museum in the is so cute. She started rolling right after 6 months and it's so cute to see her face when she does it- she gets so excited. She loves playing with my bracelets and earrings, pulling hair, playing with tags on her burp rags, blankets, play mat and anywhere she can find one :)

Not a fan of: Getting her faced wiped off- still. When she know's its nap-time and I try to lay her down or wrap her up in a blanket. If she's not in a mood for a nap she's just not in to it- ha. Girl...I'll trade ya places!

Sleeping: Bella has been sleeping wonderfully in her crib. We put her Dock-A-Tot inside her crib, and that is working well for us. There's only been about 2 nights that she hasn't slept in there when she hasn't felt well and couldn't sleep well. I'm so proud of her...and me ;)

Feeding: We got the go ahead from the pediatrician to start baby food and it's been so fun. I read after the fact that a lot of parents start with vegetables for a week, then move on to fruits. We didn't do that-oops. Bella loves peaches, pears and sweet potatoes the most so far- 2 things Mommy and Daddy don't eat. It's fun to watch her expressions and see what she's in to. She's already been grabbing the spoon and trying to feed herself!

Stats: We went for a checkup on April 26th and Bella was 14.5 pounds and 2 feet 3 inches tall- she's in the 64th percentile for height on the normal charts (not preemie ones)! We are so proud of how well she's growing. Her pediatrician said she is doing absolutely amazing for being 6 weeks early and her showing steady growth on the charts is great. I weighed her last night at home and she was 14.8 pounds- usually the doctor's scale shows a few pounds more than at home and is definitely more accurate. We don't go back for another few months so the next few will be guesses also :)

Favorite Moments and Things I Don't Want To Forget From Month 7: Meeting more friends- Lisa and Mike were visiting from Scranton and Bella loves snuggling and seeing new people!
Trying baby foods-day one was the absolute cutest and funniest thing. We bought our first box of diapers, we made it almost to 7 months before running out of the supply provided from our family and friends- so awesome. Our sister and brother-in-law then showed up on Mother's Day with another huge box so we are good for a while again ;)
Bella made her first craft for Mother's Day and giggled when I painted her feet. It turned out pretty cute! The same day I also gave Bella her first pedi. We got some Ella + Mila (baby safe) nail polish and I can't help but smile every time I see her pink painted pigges! 
It was my first Mother's Day with 2 kids and it was such a special laid-back day...may be my new favorite holiday ;)
Ethan really is great and interacting and helping with Bella. I was checking out at the eye doctor the one day and I look over to see Ethan on my phone taking pictures of Bella. He was making silly faces and the one below with her holding the octopus paci is one he captured. She loves her big brother!
One of Bella's latest things is kicking one leg high up in the air and just chilling with it there- she does it in the car sometimes, laying in her Dock-A-Tot and it cracks us up.

Products We Are Loving: Sugarbooger Bibs- I remembered we had these just this week- a little too late after we started with foods. Only one bib has been stained from the mess of baby food and Bella eating- but these snap on so nice and wipe off so easily to clean!
Munchkin Infant Spoons- These spoons are nice and soft and easy for both Bella and us to use and grab.
Gerber Graduates Bowls with Lids- These are really nice for putting a lid on and storing in the fridge until the next day. Bella doesn't always finish her food on top of eating her bottle, so these are handy.
Graco TableFit High Chair- I will admit I didn't do a TON of research on high chairs, but I came across this one when we registered and read the reviews and it seemed great. It works very well and can sit right at the table height which will be convenient soon. It reclines and has 8 different positions and is able to be wiped down very quick and easily which is awesome- especially during this messy stage.
Old Navy Jelly Sandals- Goodness these are just the cutest things and they stay on so well. I loved them so much I ordered a second pair on sale this week in gold. They are precious!
100% UV Proof- My First Sunglasses- Bella keeps these on and they are so cheap, I couldn't pass them up. They are great when we go on walks and she needs a little bit more shade ;)

I can't believe Bella Charles is already 7 months- we sure are having fun loving on our sweet girl and cherishing every day and new things she discovers!

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