April 6, 2018

Things That Made Me Smile Lately

I've been feeling a bit uninspired and creative lately. There's times I have ALL THE IDEAS for the blog- things to share with you, experiences to write about, a new DIY, a recipe...but I'm a bit in the same routine lately.

Blame it on the long Winter, the Spring rain, or just being a newer Mom....but I'm here today for a pick-me-up before the weekend begins!

I love random things, even better when they make me smile. Here's what's brightened my day lately:

When I get an e-mail alert that someone has commented on a blog post from Disqus, and based on the comment I can already tell who wrote it- without seeing their name. I love that!

A new skincare product that's working wonders and making me feel better.

I've been trying out some essential oils- I'm new to it all, but already have some favorites. After a long day, diffusing some put me in a great mood before bed.

A text from a friend just checking on you and saying hello.

When strangers compliment what a happy baby Bella is.

Dinner dates with Ethan- he enjoys french fries and ice cream, just like me!

A great funny moment with a co-worker that makes you laugh so hard in the middle of the work day.

Chuck being okay with me wanting to order pizza instead of cooking.

Thinking it's Monday, but it's really Tuesday. That happened this week...bonus, one day closer to the weekend.

Hope you all have a great weekend filled with lots of good times and sunshine! See you back here Monday! Tell me...what's something that has made you smile lately?!

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