April 16, 2018

6 Months With Baby Bella

SIX months?! Time flies! 

Before all the tears start flowing, I'm recapping six months with our babe Bella Charles. This means I need to be in full party planning mode for her birthday!

Loves: Bella has been SO chatty lately, she makes all kinds of different sounds and her eyes light up when she discovers something new she can do. She growls then giggles and has these high- pitched screams- it is HILARIOUS! She loves eating- just like the rest of us :) and has been doing so well. 
Bella enjoys playing- specifically with the Fisher Price Laugh & Learn Smart Stages Puppy that has colors, lights and plays music.

Not a fan of: Long naps- her naps during the day, unless she's really tired last about 15 minutes. I think she has FOMO- doesn't want to miss A THING! Bella also still can't stand getting her face wiped off. She doesn't mind it during a bath, but any other time and she squirms and kicks her legs in frustration.

Sleeping: Excellent. Even though she doesn't always take super long naps during the day, she isn't too fussy. As of Saturday night, Bella is sleeping alone in her crib in her nursery. This was harder on me, and she slept wonderfully. I woke up several times to check the monitor, and even fell asleep staring at it the first few nights. 

Feeding: I'm thrilled to report that our visit to the GI specialist was a huge help. We spent a lot of time discussing Bella's eating, the in's and out's of the things she was doing and our concerns and we were happy to get a lot of information. The main thing that has helped us so far is adding baby cereal to her bottle to thicken it up. We have found that the oatmeal works best and it is SUCH an improvement from what we were dealing with. 

We go for her well check in a few weeks so I'm anxious to see if her pediatrician gives us the go ahead to start some foods. He had wanted to wait due to her size and reflux, so I'm excited to see what he thinks of her now that these issues are manageable. 

Stats: I weighed her at home myself by holding her on the scale with me, and then weighing myself to see the difference and she's showing 12 pounds, 4 ounces. Bella is SO tall- so I can't wait to get the actual length. She's not quite rolling- but she is SO close. She gets to a certain point and then lays on her side eating her hands- more interested in that over huge developments ;) ha-ha. She watches us from a distance, reacts to us talking to her as we walk in a room and everyone always comments on how alert she is. Now that the reflux is much better- we have her on the floor to practice rolling much more and sitting up on her own with the Boppy. She's now wearing all 3-6 month sleepers and onesies and still in 0-3 month pants.

Favorite Moments and Things I Don't Want To Forget From Month 4: Bella had her first visit to the Easter Bunny at the mall, which was pretty un-eventful- she was people watching the whole time and wouldn't crack a smile for the photographer. 
We had a fun first Easter, she seemed in to me showing her things in her basket-and I'm hoping it's her favorite holiday just like me :)
She does excellent on road trips and was very good during our long day to Pittsburgh and back for the specialist- I'm thankful she's an Angel in the car. 
The little squeals of delight and kicking her legs absolutely melts me- and she is always SO happy. 
On my Mom's birthday we visited the venue where we are having Bella's birthday party and it was fun to think of where we will be six months from now!
We visited the Children's Museum for the first time and Bella loved looking around at all the kids, splashing in the water, and watching the fish.
She enjoyed a night out with Daddy's co-workers in his work suite at the local arena for a playoff basketball game. 
Watching her in the mirror in the car on our morning rides to the sitter- she makes the silliest faces and I laugh so hard- check out the last pic! HA!

Products We Are Loving:
If you saw my Instagram post about it- we have been using some essential oils and I am always diffusing Gentle Baby for Bella. It's a great, light scent and I love it too ;)
I've been meaning to do a post on this, because I am asked frequently- but our Dock-A-Tot is a life-saver and 1000% worth the purchase.
She finally fit in to her Kickee Pants cookie footie and I am obsessed with them and want a ton more now- they are so soft and zip so easily. 
We put an activity mirror on the floor when Bella is on her play-mats and she cracks up looking in it- I couldn't find our exact one, but this mirror is cute too. 

I am still in disbelief that Bella Charles is already six months old, but I am certain these past six months have been filled with the most smiles and laughs. She brings the brightest light to my world and warms my heart every single second. I know every parent says this - but I feel so lucky to be her Mom. 
Thank you for always being so wonderful and starting each morning with the biggest smile- happy half birthday Bella Charlie, I love you so very much!

Hope everyone has a great start to the week- thank you for reading :)

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