March 19, 2018

Positive Ways to Start Your Day

I won't lie...I feel that the past few weeks have been ROUGH. 
I've had the stomach bug twice. Chuck has been sick. Bella's reflux has been out of control. Ethan is a sensitive teenager. The list goes on...but you can't dwell on that stuff. I try to start out the hectic mornings on a good note and in a positive way.

Here's a few positive ways to start your day:

Listen to some good music while you get ready. 
- my fave: Stevie Nicks!

Make a delicious smoothie.
-anything with banana is a win in my book!

Remind yourself of one thing you're thankful for today.
- life, I'm thankful for life!

Wear your favorite lipstick- even if it's out of season.
- Candy Yum Yum is always my pick me up.

Text a friend and tell them to have a good day.
-I'm starting this today.

Call a loved one on your way to work.
-Start your morning with a smile :)

Jot down something new to do this weekend.
-I want to take Bella to Barnes & Noble for a story time.

Watch a few minutes of a great show before you start your day.
- Saved By The Bell is always a good option.

Hope you have a great Monday and an even better week friends. What's something you do to start your day off great?!

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