March 14, 2018

5 Reasons Why I'm Excited For Real Housewives of New York- Season 10

Reality TV is my guilty pleasure. Hands down. to Chick-Fil-A Cherry Coke and waffle fries.
When the trailer came out a few weeks ago I sat in the parking lot at Old Navy and watched it three times in a row. You call me crazy, I call it commitment. I honestly think they may be my new favorite franchise when I stop and think about it.
This season is the 10th one in New York and they brought all last year's cast members back again- a first for this franchise. I can't wait for this season to kick off- especially since the trailer was so great.

Here's 5 reasons why I'm excited to watch RHONY this season:
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Luann and Tom's marriage didn't last. 
That in and of itself is going to be pure gold- especially given all the doting she did last season. I'm not happy it didn't work out for them- because that's just awful, but I'd guess she fell off of Cloud 9 real quick...which leads me to my next reason to watch.

Then Luann slapped a cop and went to rehab.

One night back in Palm Beach that happened to be on the anniversary of her wedding that was to Tom...Lu hit the booze and hit a cop afterwards. She also resisted arrest, and attempted to break out of the police cruiser. Lu- don't be all un-cool! Cameras weren't there- but NO ONE is going to let her live this down. 

Bethenny's disaster relief efforts.

We all saw how awful the Hurricane's were on Florida, Texas and Puerto Rico last year and Bethenny really stepped up to the plate. She donated tons of supplies, money, time and advocacy which is really commendable and the behind the scenes from what we saw happening on social media should be good. 

Jill & Bethenny make up.

I always enjoyed Jill & Bobby Zarin throughout the years of Housewives history... I mean her accent alone is so awesome. While I'm kind of surprised cameras were outside of Bobby's funeral this did catch a hug and some words exchanged between old friends. I'm excited to see if Jill appears more throughout this upcoming season.

The boat that caught fire. 

The most recent chatter and scenes we've caught wind of lately is the boat ride from hell. The ladies were on a trip to Colombia and the ship's engine caught fire and the boat started sinking. I've heard about adult diapers, blowouts gone bad and screams about going down like the Titanic. THIS is reality television goodness and I'm sitting at the edge of my couch waiting for it to grace my TV screen.

Other mentionables:
Dorinda's party at the Berkshires.
Dorinda hosts the ladies every year at her house for the holidays and it is always a sh!tshow. She tries to make it nice and there's always some craziness that happens. I'm sure it will be a good episode or two this season.

Bethenny & Carole on the outs.
The preview we got shows Bethenny and Carole exchanging some feisty banter and from what I've heard they are on the outs during the filming of season 10. I'm not positive when filming for this took place in comparison to her show with Fredrik- because Carole has already popped up a few times in that show. Bethenny takes no BS- so whatever is going down with her and Carole is bound to be interesting. 

Whatever happens...I am here for it. Get ready for all the juicy storylines, Real Housewives of New York airs Wednesday, April 4 at 9 pm on Bravo!

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