March 16, 2018

5 Months With Baby Bella

I'm not quite sure how...but Bella Charles is 5 months old today! By far, the best 5 months of my life and the most exhausting as well. 
It's all worth it for these sweet smiles. Here's what's new with our babe, BC!
Loves: talking- she babbles allll the time, especially in the morning and lately in the car. She also has been eating her hands and drooling like crazy- which means teething is going to start. Or something like least that's what I read in the non-crazy Mom groups ;) 

Not a fan of: getting her face wiped off. She has been dealing with a stuffy nose and we are constantly spraying it with saline and sucking it, but Bella doesn't dislike that as much as she does getting her faced wiped off when she makes a mess. She squirms and fusses any time it has to happen!

Sleeping: wonderful! We are finally past the sleep regression and she's still sleeping through the night which is amazing for all of us involved :)

Feeding: we seem to have taken a step backwards in terms of her reflux. The pediatrician said it could be Bella feeling a little under the weather, and all of the junk working her way out of her system. She loves to eat though and is growing! We have her specialist appointment next week, so hopefully we get some more advice and answers. 

Stats: We went for a check-up and shots last week and Bella is 11 pounds, 12 ounces and 2 feet, 2 inches tall! She's growing like crazy and we are so happy about it. She's not quite rolling yet but is trying and turns in our direction when she hears our voice. Watching her do new things is so exciting. 

Favorite Moments and Things I Don't Want To Forget From Month 5: 
Getting her ears pierced- apparently people are very vocal on this subject. Insert eye roll. Bella was a champ, and didn't cry until the second ear was pierced and the gun came out. She lays still and smiles when we clean her ears and is doing so well with her earrings.
Last year Chuck and and I went to a Mac and Cheese Festival and it was so amazing, so we decided to take Bella this year. She didn't eat anything...but next year will be fun and she loves seeing people. She's a smiley, happy, social little babe!
Bella is loving bath time a lot more. I took a bath with her a few weeks ago and it is the happiest I've ever seen her in there- she was giggling and kicking her feet and splashing in the much cuteness.
She's getting big enough to wear some cute outfits and headbands, so you know I'm loving that. Thank goodness Bella loves bows!
Bella is so talkative and expressive- it's so fun to sit and listen to her babble on and on and move her eyebrows and talk with her hands. She's especially chatty in the morning.
We wake up around 6 am the days she goes to the sitter and I feed her in her nursery and then move her to her swing while I get ready. She loves watching Mickey Mouse and kicks her feet when he's on-she's a fan already. 

Products We Are Loving:
The Nose Frida is an absolutely weird but amazing invention. There's a filter that blocks your baby's junk from going in your mouth - but you literally suck the snot out of their nose. It works so well!
Zarbee's Baby Chest Rub has also been on rotation with this darn cold. We put it on Bella's chest and the bottom of her feet and it helps with congestion.
I picked up this mirror for tummy time because Bella LOVES looking at herself and thought it may does at times. She likes doing it best on our chests when we are laying down. :)
Since Bella is smaller in size, bandana style bibs work best for her right now- I found an 8 back for $22 on Amazon...the best deal yet, and they're super cute too!

pics from her sitter make my days much better!

who's more nervous- mom or baby?

peek- a- boo Bella!

I had these pants forever & they finally fit her- in perfect timing for Mac & Cheese Fest!

Girl Power for International Women's Day!

Thanks for reading about our sweet growing girl! Sorry for my delay in reading and answering lately- we've all been a bit under the weather.
Hope you all have a great weekend!

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