February 21, 2018

What I Carry In The Diaper Bag

Last month I was sitting at the doctor's office waiting to be seen, and had Bella with me. She was sleeping in her car seat which led me to take part in one of my favorite pastime's- people watching. 
I saw a mom with a baby and what looked like- for lack of better words- a duffle bag. I immediately began to panic and think that I don't carry enough in our diaper bag. So when I got home, I went through the bag and decided that I have what I think to be the necessities. We've done a few one day road trips and run a good amount of errands and I've never not had something so I wanted to share what we carry. To each their own if you really need a huge bag packed to the brim though-I'm usually an over-packer too ;)  *There are affiliate links in this post.

First off- I want to say that this style of diaper bag that we have is super convenient and very roomy. This is the Oh Joy! Backpack Diaper Bag from Target and I love it. It's the perfect size for the newborn necessities. Once we need a few less things I will probably switch to a different style book-bag that I've had my eye on from Amazon.

One thing that has been really helpful for me, has been using pouches to keep track of most of the items inside the bag instead of letting them freely move about and making me dig for them. It helps that there are lots of pockets and pouches on my diaper bag. 

Inside the large pouch on the outside of the bag I keep some Clorox wipes, and a small old Ipsy bag with some of my things like hand lotion, chapstick, lip gloss and if needed some things like tampons.
I use the wipes to clean things like shopping carts at the store, and when we were on the airplane I wiped the seat and tray down with them. No germs allowed! Bella's donut rattle is also in the front pocket in case we need some pretty entertainment. 

I put my wallet inside the diaper bag in one of the pouches and opt to carry just the diaper bag instead of both a purse and bag- it's just too much. I tried it twice and have given up since ;) So if it's just me and Bella, it's just me and the diaper bag. I bring out the purse if I really need more room and if Chuck is with us for a dinner out or errands. 

There are little pouches on each side of the bag where I put a Babyganics hand sanitizer in one and her bottle in the other. 

The back portion of the bag has a large zipper that opens and stores the changing pad which is really nice when you're out and about in public and I use it on top of the ones in restrooms. We also have Bella's NICU discharge papers in here- the doctors & nurses told us it's a good idea to have them on hand in case of an emergency and has all of her important medical details there.

I have some burp rags that I don't store inside a pouch, so that they are easily accessible. They need to be because Bella spits up a lot :) If we are going to be gone for a while I will also pack a bib and another sleeper or onesie too. 
One pouch is dedicated to snacks- healthier than Chick-Fil-A or junk to grab while I'm out and about. Some almonds or a protein bar is a better option. Have you tried the Kind popped bars? So goo!

After a visit to a friend's house and changing Bella's diaper- I felt bad leaving her dirty one in their trash. I'm sure they wouldn't have cared, but I wanted to be respectful and then found these diaper sack bags on Amazon. I only use them when we aren't in a public place like a restaurant or grocery store- because those restrooms never smell that great anyway ;) I put a few of them at a time in a pouch with her diapers and wipes.

Finally, in the last pouch I keep a toy and an extra Wubanub (pacifier) for Bella. I may toss start putting her bib and extra onesie in here too because there's definitely enough room. I picked this one up in the Target dollar bins recently!

So there it is- our diaper bag necessities. Am I missing anything? What do you carry in your diaper bag?

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