February 5, 2018

Valuing Your Self Worth

I came across this on Natalie's Instagram last week and it touched me deeply at this point in my life.

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One too many times I've been the brunt of some pent up frustrations about something unrelated to me, and treated rudely with no justification. Having time lately to think about how I want my daughter to feel in this world- it's not how I have in these situations.
I am very hard on myself- therefore when others treat me in a way that is unkind I am then even harder on Emelia. It's not fair and I've been trying to make a point to think carefully about conversations and situations and act in the best manner I can.
Showing Bella what a woman's worth is and teaching her how to be a strong woman is going to be of utmost importance as time goes on. These are the same lessons I need to teach myself.

Since the beginning of the year, I've done a good amount of unfollowing on Instagram and giving people the axe on Facebook. It's not an attempt to be abrasive, rather weeding out the things that don't inspire me or make me happy. If someone is constantly a negative presence in your life- whether it be online or in your day to day circumstances, it's probably a good idea to move away from them.
I say this to remind you that you don't have to feel bad about these things- making a happier life for yourself shouldn't make anyone else feel bad, especially your inner self.

This all leads back to valuing your self worth. Just because someone acts in an unkind way to you with no explanation does not mean it is okay. Don't take it- stand up for yourself and act in a manner that makes you feel good. Make YOU a priority and act accordingly going forward.

YOU are important- don't own other people's crap ;) Do you value your self worth?  Have you ever had to stand up for yourself when someone was being rude and petty?

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