February 2, 2018

January Favorites

January seemed to last forever- I'm sure you've seen the memes floating around the Internet.
It was my last full month of being home with Bella, so I was okay with how long it lasted. Continuing with one of my personal favorite monthly posts, I'll continue to round up my favorite links, finds and stories from around the Internet and blog world to share with you.

Favorite Home Tip: Rachel gives us some tips for decluttering your home- as we know that's a common theme this time of the year. The tips are simple and do-able which is a bonus!

Favorite Moment: Bella smiling for the first time definitely topped my list. It happened on New Years Day and was the cutest thing ever. Now she smiles a million times a day and it's so awesome to see her little face light up.
Favorite Safety Post: This is a category that I haven't explored before but I really enjoyed this post from Beka about her basic pistol class. Guns can be scary, but learning about them and how to use them for your safety is very important. I want to take a class after reading her post.

Favorite Planning Post: Nicole from The Inspired Hive told us how simple meal planning can be. I honestly always look at Sunday like my do nothing and chill out day most of the year- especially in the summer by the pool! I can't imagine how people spend all day planning meals- but it doesn't have to be this way. Her tips are great and I've put some to good use already!

Favorite Party Inspo: I've shared parties from this family before, but Tara from Jimmy Choos & Tennis Shoes is so amazing with her decor! Olivia's Candy Land Birthday Party was so fun and festive and I can't get over how pretty it all is.

Favorite Instagram Find: I found this cute company, Bright Box by someone mentioning them on Instagram stories and sent one to a friend. They are cute little boxes with a fun message and treat you can send!

Favorite Recipe: Bread and cheese--say no more! Pamela shared this drool-worthy Cheesy Pesto Bread recipe and I immediately wanted to jump through the screen and eat some. This looks SO easy and win!

Favorite Fun Post: Last, but certainly not least Andrea and her beautiful bar cart made me so happy when I read this. She styled it so beautifully and chic and she looked cute doing it. So fun!

Favorite Dream Big posts from January:

I hope you're having a great start to February and enjoy your weekend friends! Did you have a favorite read in January?

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