February 16, 2018

4 Months With Baby Bella

Bella Charles is 4 months old today- time is flying!

Loves: blowing bubbles, making noises and hearing herself, music and dancing, grabbing things and eating her hands, and still staring at lights. She also loves to see herself- I will lay in bed and watch videos of her and she smiles at herself and kicks her legs!

Not a fan of: anything going over her head- getting dressed in anything other than sleepers is usually a battle. She also dislikes getting her face wiped off after she eats or if she's made a mess. She shakes her head no and cries. 

Sleeping: Still through the night, sometimes she still wakes up once at 4 am for a bottle- but it's very rare. She is fighting her sleep big time at night, maybe it's the sleep regression. She throws a fit around 8 pm and sometimes it takes her over an hour to fall asleep. Naps have been shorter most of the time the past few weeks also. 
She is still sleeping in our room and I think we may keep it like that for quite a few more months. You read all kinds of things on what to do and what not to do- but she's still so little and spits up quite a bit with her reflux. I'm most comfortable with her being right next to us.
Chuck snapped this picture before he left for work one morning. Mommy was passed out,
but Bella was wide awake chilling or ready for sit-ups ;) 
Feeding: She's eating great-every 3 hours and sometimes a little earlier like 2.5 hours. She loves to eat and is gaining weight. Her pediatrician is happy with all the progress. 

Stats: Bella is now 9.5 pounds and over 2 feet tall! She is doing so well and it's great to see our little peanut growing. She still looks so small to me most days, but I can notice when holding her that she is gaining weight. 

Favorite Moments and Things I Don't Want To Forget From Month 4: 
We started a baby bounce class at the library where there is music, singing, dancing and she LOVES it. She looks around at the other babies and smiles non-stop. She is typically the smallest and youngest one there, but she's in to it and it's so much fun for both of us.
Bella is getting very strong and gets a great grasp on things- she loves holding on to the neck of our shirts and pulling my hair. 
As she falls asleep at night she strokes my face and plays with my hair and it must be soothing to her- because she does it until she falls asleep and I love it.
Bella can almost fully roll over- she loves to move and not stay still ;)
It was Bella's first Valentine's Day- obviously she had no clue what was going on, but of course she got some goodies and we had a photo shoot for some Valentine's cards. 
Ethan has started to interact with his little sister more and more and Bella lights up when he's around. He also is very good at calming her down if Chuck and I happen to be out of the room. I came out of the post office last week to find him in the back with her- giving her puppers (her paci) and soothing her.
Bella loves to hold her legs in the air when she eats- and lately I've noticed her crossing her little legs when she's done and starts to doze off. It's so cute.

 Products We Are Loving: Boppy pillow - Bella loves sitting up in this when she is with us on the couch, and sometimes we use it to prop her up for some tummy time.
Playtex Vent-Aire bottles- I read that these were recommended for colic and reflux and we were about to outgrow the Comotomo newborn bottles we began with. These bottles have been working great and the angled position for the airflow definitely seems to help with her reflux.
We are so in love with our little Bella and love watching her grow month to month!

Have a great weekend everyone- and thank you for your kind words, always!

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