January 31, 2018

What I Read In January

I set a goal to read 24 books in 2018- giving myself grace adjusting to motherhood and being a bit realistic that time passes so fast!
I was really excited to see that Mia was hosting a reading challenge called Read the Rainbow. I'm a fan of easy things- like recipes and challenges ;) The reading challenge is based on book covers which is pretty fun! The month of January was red and I was too late to find an all red cover, but my first book reviewed below has a bold red addition to it's white cover. I'm happy to say that I'm currently ahead of my 2018 reading goal and feeling good going in to February!

This story is about a young reporter who lands a big job at an up and coming amazing cable news station. It follows her love life and ambitions through her career and big decisions. She quickly realizes that sexism, going against her beliefs and crazy politics are all part of this new life and she's not so sure she's quite on-board.
I loved this book because I interned at a news station and reading about the stories she covered and her day to day life put me back in that place. The story wasn't highly captivating for me but it has a great message about honesty and the responsibilities of a journalist. 

The Secrets She Keeps 4/5

I LOVE Stephen King, and he called this author, Michael Robotham " an absolute master" so this was a must read for me. The story is about two pregnant woman who under any normal circumstances- would not be friends, but through likely times and places form a friendship. Agatha works at a grocery store stocking shelves and counts down the minutes until she can get a glimpse of the chic customer, Meghan. Agatha learns through Meghan's visits that she is pregnant again- she already follows this Mommy blogger online and their due dates fall within the same month.
Through a weird series of events, Meghan and Agatha become friends and Agatha changes Meghan's life in a way you wouldn't believe possible.
The story is creepy, thrilling, and a good story of secrets the women both keep. I love a book that keeps me wondering what crazy thing will happen next, and this story did just that. 

Mean Streak 5/5

Dr. Emory Charbonneau is a pediatrician and marathon runner, training for her next grueling race and possibly the most important one ever. She disappears on a North Carolina mountain road just 24 hours after a huge fight with her husband Jeff. By the time he reports her missing, the trail has gone cold and it's hard to piece together her whereabouts. Jeff is immediately the prime suspect, all the while a man has taken Emory in to his cabin on the mountain. While she tries to escape, she doesn't learn a whole lot about this mystery man- but he takes care of her with compassion. 
He makes Emory do things like- breaking the law, which she would never do under any other circumstances and while the police and Jeff are trying to find her, she is creating a whole new story with this mountain man. 
There were so many things that threw me off from discovering who was to blame and what would happen in the mountains. This is SUCH a good story and if you like mysteries and thrillers, I'm sure you will love this book!

Have you read any of these books? I'm big in to mysteries and thrillers and hoping to expand and share more than just those in my book reviews here on the blog. Hope you're all having a great week!

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