January 12, 2018

Recently Read

I have been reading more and hope to continue that this year. Putting down the cell phone and picking up a book instead of scrolling social media for 30 minutes at a time is much better for my brain...and soul.
Today I'm sharing a handful of recently read books- I tend to lean towards horror and mysteries but I'm trying to open up and dive in to other areas also. This round-up includes a little mix up and I hope you enjoy it!

Delicious! 4/5

I love thinking about working for a food magazine in NYC- considering my dream coming out of high school was to be a writer in the Big Apple. Billie leaves California to work for Delicious- and when the magazine is shut down she stays behind to continue her duties on the magazine hotline, until further notice. She discovers a hidden room in the magazine's library and discovers some letters between two people who open Billie up to her understanding of love and courage. I really adored this book and the story- following Billie from her family, to New York City and her part time weekend job in Little was all so cute. The only reason it didn't get 5 stars from me, is because during the story of the letters it seemed to drag on for me. A very fun and easy read and great story!

The Roanoke Girls 4/5
I was anxious to read this, as I saw quite a few bloggers mention it. The story follows 15 year old Lane Roanoke after her mother's suicide as she goes to live with her grandparents and her feisty cousin Allegra on the family's estate. She didn't know much about her mother's family, only that it was mysterious and as she learned more living there and the dark past- she ran far away. Eleven years later she gets a phone call from her grandfather that her cousin has gone missing, and after some apprehension she returns to help find her. The story goes between her first summer and the return, and is dark and twisted- and the story is quite interesting. I like a dark story- so of course I enjoyed this, but it was kind of freaky at some points that turned me off - leaving it at 4 stars.

The Lost Art of Mixing 3/5
I was so excited to find out that there was a sequel to The School of Essential Ingredients (reviewed here) and couldn't read it fast enough. This book follows some of old group that was brought together in Lillian's restaurant and adds in some new characters to tell a new story of the individuals, and sometimes as a family together as one. It's another cute read, but didn't keep me as entertained as the first book which was a bummer. It is a great story about love, food and companionship.

Holiday in the Hamptons 3/5
I LOVE Sarah Morgan's reads and am so happy Nadine turned me on to them last year. This is the fifth book in the From Manhattan With Love series from the author. Felicity is a professional dog walker in New York City who hasn't seen her ex-husband Seth in ten years. All of a sudden he is working at her local vet clinic in the city and she does her best to avoid him and takes up a great opportunity to leave the city for the summer in an effort to avoid their whirlwind marriage and break-up. Both Seth and Felicity end up back in the Hamptons over the Summer and he does his best to remind his ex-wife of their love and that he never stopped. I always enjoy Sarah Morgan's love stories and she does a great job of taking you away, but I guessed how the story would end up early on and that kind of bored me as I read it. 

A Stranger in the House 5/5

I read this book in 2 days-which shows how much I loved it. Karen and Tom Krupp are recently married and living in upstate New York happy as ever. One day Tom returns home and Karen is missing- her car is gone and she oddly has left everything behind- including her purse. The next thing you know the police arrive to take Tom to the hospital where his wife was admitted. She doesn't remember a thing- and it turns out she was in a car accident that left her in a bad part of town. Karen returns home and tries to move on with her life, but things keep happening making her realize that someone was in their house. The story and what happens as Karen recovers is so good and makes you see that everyone in the house is a stranger in some way. It didn't turn out nearly close to what I had guessed- which is so great for a thriller!

What have you read recently? Have you read any of these books? 

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