January 3, 2018

Baby Bella- Months 1 & 2

I can't believe our girl is almost 3 months old! I want to document moments in time like I did with my pregnancy for Bella so I never forget what I was feeling in that moment.

Loves: snuggling Daddy after she eats
late morning naps with Mommy after brother goes to school & Daddy goes to work
snoozing in her swing
babbling- this started A LOT right toward the end of one month
car rides
head rubs

Not a Fan of: diaper changes, out of nowhere she started crying the minute she laid down on the changing table. Sometimes she is okay, but most times she cries and kicks her legs so fast I'm surprised she hasn't run off the table. Bella does not like waking up alone. If she is in her Dock A Tot napping and wakes up and someone is not in the room you will hear a wimper and then a full on cry and the lip is quivering- it's sad, but also adorable.

Sleeping: the first few days were great, then one night we were up alllll night, and since then it's been hit or miss. Based on our observations and discussions with her pediatrician, she has developed reflux which is apparently very common in infants. Her doctor said especially because she is so tiny, her digestive system just doesn't process things like it would if she were bigger, and usually infants can grow out of their reflux issues. I swear she has some colic too- we hit a point every night the first month where were trying every darn thing we have read and sometimes things work, and sometimes they don't. I won't lie, it's been rough at times.
As we moved in to month 2, we got much better sleeping at night- usually only waking once for a diaper change and a bottle. Sometimes she goes right back to sleep and other times she is just wide awake looking around and babbling.
During the day though, she's golden and sleeps like an angel. These issues we're having and the worst points of reflux seems to start around 8 or 9 pm. I'm a bit nervous to see how it plays out when I go back to for now, I will enjoy the occasional daytime nap ;)

Feeding: I started pumping for breast feeding when she was in NICU under the guidance of a lactation consultant, and was getting enough supply to keep up with Bella's feedings until about the last week she was there, so they had to supplement with formula a bit. She did okay breast feeding at the hospital, and once we got home everything went backwards. I wasn't getting milk, and every time we tried to feed it was literally like she was wrestling my breast & was very confused (for lack of better language or explanation). I was very stressed and upset about it all, and bummed that things weren't going as planned. They tell you to drink a ton of water, don't be's hard. It's real tough to stay on top of all these things for your baby and add breast feeding on top of it. Bottom line is, after all she has been through, watching her stress out during feedings broke my heart and I just couldn't handle it. Luckily we have found some formula that is gentle on her, because at first she was having lots of gas issues. This whole parenting thing is a LOT of trial and error we are discovering and the bottom line is that she is getting fed and gaining weight which makes us happy.

Favorite moments and things I don't want to forget from Month 1:
Bringing you home from the hospital was absolutely amazing
When you lift one of your legs and hold it up while you eat
Halloween as a mouse in NICU
How expressive you already are- your poses melt us

Favorite moments and things I don't want to forget from Month 2:
How chill you are during bath time- you look so relaxed and like you could fall asleep
Meeting Auntie Elisa,  all my high school girlfriends, and more family
First Thanksgiving
Your first walk during a freak 60 degree day in November

Products we are loving:
Oh Joy Backpack Diaper Bag- I get so many compliments on this bag- it doesn't look like a diaper bag and it's super convenient being backpack style. It has a lot of room and I love all the pockets for things.
Dock-A-Tot- SUCH a lifesaver! Not sure what we would do without the dock- we literally put her in it everywhere. She hangs out in the bathroom in it while I get ready, in the kitchen while we make dinner, and all around the house. This is what Bella is currently sleeping in during the night and her naps also.
Owlet- I'll be sharing a whole review on this, but it's a must for us- especially having a preemie.
Wubanubs- Bella's favorite pacifiers- she loves snuggling the animals attached. We have a handful of these, and they're awesome.

I can't believe Bella will be 3 months old in a week and a half and I have one month left of maternity leave. I plan on soaking up every moment and taking the days slow and enjoying every second.
Where does the time go?!

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