January 17, 2018

5 Tips For Traveling With A Baby

I won't lie- I was having some major anxiety about traveling with Bella, especially with her being a preemie and so many airport germs. Everything went really well, so I wanted to share some tips about traveling for anyone it may help!
Use your stroller- if you were having any doubts whether you need it or not or if it's just extra will use it. It was so handy to have to hold your things, since it has a large storage area at the bottom. Our stroller- the Vive Travel System from Evenflo has some nice benefits like cup holders and a snack tray- where we put our cell phones and boarding passes which made traveling through the airport a breeze. You do have to take everything apart and collapse everything when you go through security which was a bit of a pain, but there's nothing you can do to avoid that- and having the stroller is well worth the little bit of hassle.

Be prepared- Just in case, we had Bella's birth certificate in her diaper never know what will happen traveling with children. We looked up information prior to leaving like if we could take the stroller- and you can gate check a car seat and stroller which is great. So you can take it all the way to the gate and walk it all the way until you board the plane, and then it's there for you upon returning off the flight which is really convenient. There wasn't always family bathrooms close- so have a traveling changing pad with you to take in to the restroom. There was always room in the women's bathroom to change her- but no designated changing table so I'm glad my diaper bag came with a changing pad to take in with me. Think ahead about things you may have questions about or may need, and have any items easily accessible. I carry some Lysol wipes and Wet Ones in my diaper bag so I used those to wipe down things as we got on the plane too.
Accept the help-If you're traveling with someone, use their help. I'm one who always wants to do things on my own, but I used Chuck and Ethan's help at the airport big time. Ethan was a huge help unloading things and helping get settled after going through security. Chuck is an excellent Dad who's always willing to help and took Bella while I got my much needed Starbucks. Security can intimidate me at the airports, and the one time we were waiting for Chuck's things to come through and I was juggling Bella and our luggage with one hand and I flat out asked the security member if I could leave my things at the end of the belt for a minute while I got situated. He was very nice and told me to take my time. When I was in the bathroom and looking for a changing table the first time, the bathroom attendant told me there wasn't one but showed me where to change Bella and asked if she could lay her pad down while I was getting adjusted. There's friendly, helpful people out there - so if you feel comfortable...use their help!

Dress comfortably- I like to look nice, but stay comfortable at the same time. I often am dressing in layers when I travel- and since doing a lot of extra walking (trips to the bathroom before takeoff with baby) as a Mom I stayed extra comfy in my Nike's. I opted for my favorite Lush top, with an Old Navy cardigan, leggings and a Frou Frou & Frill scarf. By the time we took off for North Carolina, I was down to just my tee on top- it's nice because usually I am cold on flights. All the extra moving around with Bella made it different for this trip, but I did want that sweater when we were walking around the airport before boarding the plane.

Don't stress- I was working myself up so much about how she would be on the plane, and the first flight she never even slept. She was wide awake looking around- watching Ethan play games and looking out the window. When we went to get off the first flight the people in the row in front of us were so shocked there was a baby on the plane because she never made a peep. I had a bottle ready and gave that to her once we boarded and took off so that she was sucking on something while her ears may be popping and such. But I guess my point is- you just can't predict what will happen, especially if it's the first time. Just have things that your baby likes handy- we had her Wubanub and I have an app on my phone with different noises just in case she wanted something to soothe herself. She likes the sound of my hair dryer and running water- and those are in the app too (called Cradle). 





Do you have any travel plans this year? Any tips for traveling with children?

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