January 19, 2018

3 Months With Baby Bella

As of Tuesday, our girl is 3 months old! I can't believe how time is flying...but isn't that always the case?!
Less than a month until I return to work and I've been soaking up alllll the baby snuggles. Bella loves to cuddle and since she started smiling it's been way more fun. She's making new noises in her babbling and is such a happy baby- we are so blessed!

Loves: Her big brother, she lights up when he's around and watches his every move.
Holding hands- she always falls asleep holding on tight to one of our fingers, it's the sweetest thing ever and when we are laying on the couch together she loves to do it too.
Lights- when the Christmas trees were up she loved to stare at the lights and look around at them. She will get fixated on one when we move rooms and it's so cute and funny.
Running water- when she's a bit fussy this will calm her down immediately- she loves showers and listening to water.
Not a Fan of: Getting changed- she freak out when something gets pulled over her head- like a onesie. Hiccups- and she gets them A LOT due to her reflux...poor girl!

Sleeping: On Christmas Eve Bella started sleeping through the night- what a gift! That lasted a week, then she started waking up once through the night for a bottle-usually around 4 or 4:30 am. She has been fighting her sleep and naps the last week too-but usually only at night. Bella will be almost asleep then start flailing her arms and legs and crying for a minute, then she's back to almost sleeping again. We do this for about 40 minutes every night before falling asleep for the night. It's not as bad during naps throughout the day- but she does not want to miss a thing, that's for sure!

Feeding: She is eating like a champ and gaining weight, we are so thrilled. Still some days with a lot of spit up- like a concerning our pediatrician is referring us to a GI specialist for a second opinion and deeper look. He thinks most of it is due to her small size and hopefully she will grow out these issues with reflux.

Stats: At her 2 month visit, which was a few weeks late due to the holiday and both us and the Doctor traveling- she was 7 lbs, 7 ounces and almost 2 feet tall! I weighed her on the 15th and she's SO close to 8 lbs- only 2 ounces away!
I told Chuck that I thought she was starting to look like me, and he said that he thought she looked like my Mom. That makes my heart SO happy!

Favorite Moments and Things I Don't Want To Forget From Month 3:
When you started smiling- it is THE cutest thing and you're so happy-smiling ALL the time! It makes my Mommy heart so very happy and smile right back.
Your first airplane ride- you were so alert and loved looking around & were a perfect baby.
We shared our first Christmas with you and it was so sweet & we know next year will be even more fun!
Your first birthday party- we celebrated your brother turning 14!
Growing out of your newborn clothes- you are going to be a tall girl if I had to are already so long.

Products We Are Loving:
Graco GliderLite Swing- our girl LOVES to swing. It is a life-saver when she is fussy because this calms her down 9.5 times out of 10.
Bright Starts Tummy Time & Play Mat- Bella got this from her Aunt and Uncle for Christmas and it's nice that it's small enough to fold up and move easily from room to room. She loves moving around on her mat and the rattles and mirrors it comes with.
Old Navy Footed Sleepers- when you're in the house and changing diapers alllll day long with a baby who doesn't like getting changed- these are amazing. They zip & unzip so easy and hold up well after tons of washes. We already purchased some in her next size- she's finally out of *MOST* newborn clothing. Does anyone else think the Cat and Jack line from Target runs pretty big?
Baby Keurig- Chuck came home with this contraption a while ago and after being out of town making bottles with water like a normal person I have realized how much I love this thing. It's really a Baby Brezza that makes bottles with the press of a button like a Keurig makes coffee.

I was telling Chuck recently that I feel bad because there's not a ton you can do with a newborn. On the daily we do tummy time, we snuggle, we listen to music and hang out- but what else do you do? She's not in to toys yet- so I feel like I'm missing out in some way. Any other suggestions?

And now that our family has received their Christmas gifts ;) I'll share a few of our family pictures. I can't wait to see how these evolve throughout the years :)

I can't wait to see what new things Bella will do this month. I feel so lucky to be this chic's Mom :)

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