December 5, 2017

November Favorites

It's December...already?! This year has FLOWN and I don't even know what more to say about that.
Time for another monthly favorites post! I am trying to think of something new to add to these next year, I just want to do a little something more..but do I need it?! Oh the struggle of blogging...always wanting to do more. Let's get to the real reason we're here- the favorites.

Favorite DIY: So many people now have letter boards, me included...well Bella if we're getting technical. I love this post on how to make your own flair fun for your boards!

Favorite Instagram Account: Okay, it's a known fact that I could get lost scrolling Instagram for 2 hours, but when you find an Insta account you could get lost in for 2 hours you know it's good. The Home Edit is seriously-make you wanna drool good...especially if you're in to organization. It makes me want to do all the things!

Favorite Moment: So many good ones this month, but bringing our girl home from the hospital tops the list. Being able to be together for Thanksgiving as a family was really special.
Favorite Gift Guide: I really enjoy Amanda from Pardon Muah, she's a lot of fun to follow on Instagram and I enjoy her chats on Insta-stories too. Gift guides this time of the year can be super overwhelming, but I loved the Gift Guide for the Coffee Connoisseur she shared, because- duh....caffeine.

Favorite Beauty Tip: I often do at home manicures, it saves time and money and I honestly enjoy a pedicure or a facial way more than a manicure. I love when people share their tips on at home things like this - especially if they have great nails, or hair, or get what I'm saying, right?! Katey McFarlan who's nails always look great shared how she does her manicures at home- I already purchased one of the products that I didn't have in this round-up and love it!

Favorite Purchase: We're going with the faux fur mules on this one. Chuck told me I looked homeless the first time he saw them on me. I told him he's crazy and people pay thousands for Gucci's like this. He wasn't impressed...but men just don't get it.
Favorite Recipe: I don't know about you but cinnamon sugar just makes me happy thinking about it. Vivian shared this amazing recipe for cinnamon sugar donuts and the best part, aside from being delicious is that they sound really easy to make!

Favorite Holiday Post: Christmas music is my FAVORITE. I honestly could probably listen to it year round- there's SO many good songs. Taylor put together this amazing holiday playlist of over 100 songs- I don't think she missed a single one. Save this post!

Favorite Dream Big posts in November:
Bella's Birth Story
Granola Yogurt Bites
Bella's Nursery

Just think, the next favorites post will be shared in 2018- crazy! I hope you're all having a great start to the week. Take a moment and slow down to enjoy the season, it all goes by too fast!

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