December 18, 2017

Bella's Newborn Pictures

I'm so excited to share baby Bella's newborn pictures with you today. I had so many ideas in mind, but one thing you quickly learn with pregnancy and being a Mom is that everything doesn't always go as planned.
I wanted to do Bella's pictures soon after she got home from NICU so that she was still in that tiny newborn size....well, weeks later and she still is. Our schedules with the photographer and Chuck's work just weren't lining up for the whole family to get done the first time. So, we opted to do pictures of Bella and then have family Christmas pictures taken a separate time where the guys could get individual pictures with Bella and some of us together too.
Our photographer asked me that morning if I wanted to get some with Bella, and I wasn't feeling totally ready to do that, but decided I would. I was on the fence about maternity pictures and Chuck had talked me in to getting them to document this special time. Since I was in the hospital that didn't happen, so I took advantage of some Mama and Bella time with pictures.
These pictures totally capture Bella's sweet laid back personality. She is a really chill baby most of the time, unless her reflux is bothering her...poor girl. Her eyes melt me and her expressions make me smile and laugh- I'm so thankful we have these pictures.
Snuggling with my sweet girl is now one of my most favorite things to do, and I think these pictures say it all. I adore being a Mom!

I had an outfit in mind for our family newborn pictures, before we changed our mind to do them for Christmas. When the day for pictures came for Bella and I, I opted to go with something I wear all the They say to wear light colors for newborn pictures, but I just wanted to be me and feel most comfortable..especially just a few weeks after giving birth. 

 I just love her little face and could eat up this stage of life forever. I saved my favorite for last..our little cupcake Bella full of sugar, spice and everything nice. We can't wait to tell her all about how much sweetness she's added to our lives. 

Thank you Aubrey Marvin Photography for capturing these pictures we will cherish forever.

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