December 27, 2017

2017 Best Of Dream Big and Buy the Shoes

While reading my girl Allison's post and smiling through it I decided to use her idea and do a Best Of Dream Big and Buy the Shoes for 2017 based on analytics. I do love sharing my favorites, but this time it's all about the numbers and YOU.
These are the top posts that you read and commented on in 2017 based on analytics. Let's review...

Number Five- Las Vegas Must List
This post was in my drafts for about a year before taking any action. I love Vegas so hard and it was a little tricky to narrow things down, but SO fun to write. Reading it makes me want to get on a plane and go again right now.

Number Four- Are We Too Sensitive?
It breaks my heart when something sad happens that in turn makes me write a post, but such is life. I'm thankful to have this outlet to turn to and share my thoughts- good or bad, happy or sad. It's also nice to know that when you're not alone when questioning the way you feel.

Number Three- My Favorite Perfumes
Beauty posts have definitely increased in 2017 on the blog, and I'm happy about that because it's something I love. When I'm stressed out and need to just let my mind wander one thing you can find me doing is browsing Sephora, Nordstrom and Ulta online. I could read reviews on products for hours and you will find that the camera roll on my phone is a lot of screenshots of products I want to try. 
I guess I'm a beauty junkie- and that includes perfume. While I'm all about having a signature scent- I do love different smells for different occasions. This was a really fun post to write this year, so I'm glad people enjoyed it!

Something I never thought this blog would be- a Mom blog, ha-ha. Our pregnancy announcement (let me pause in saying that- it cracks me up that this is a thing. Announcing to the Internet and world that you are growing a human) was a big hit on Instagram, Facebook, and the blog. We announced on Mother's Day which was really fun, and I still am obsessed with my husband's creativity on this idea and photograph skills.

Number One- Bella's Birth Story
Awwww- my girl! She was definitely our number one hit this year, and I couldn't be happier about that. I always thought it would be hard having more than one child, and splitting that love. It's one thing I was definitely afraid of if we would have another boy, even though Ethan is technically my stepson. Your love just grows- and almost every day I question how did I get so lucky. 
My pregnancy wasn't easy, and maybe I can quit talking about it in 2018 ;) but it really helped me cope to write during it all. Writing has always been a great escape for me, and the best way for me to express my feelings. 
Her birth story is long- so I feel that I should personally give all of you that read it some sort of award.

Runner Up- Cupcake Or Stud Muffin- Baby Lawrence Gender Reveal
I'm not ashamed to admit that I had this party idea saved on a secret Pinterest board for a few years, so when it came time to celebrate it was extra fun! The reveal was epic and wouldn't be us without something funny happening...thanks Ethan. Big brother will always keep us laughing :) I can't wait to show Bella this when she's old enough to understand.

My Favorites- I can't let the year end without mentioning a few of my favorite posts from 2017.
Bella's Nursery- I had talked so long about this space, so when it came time to finally share it of course I was over the moon. Pink, gold and everything fit for our baby girl- I think you can feel my excitement throughout the room tour.

The Numbers Game- I love, love, love when I see a post going around blogland and everyone starts to join in. This was the case with the numbers game and it was a fun way to share more about me...and in turn get to know more about you- my friends!

I hope that you all have a wonderful rest of the year and stay safe ringing in 2018. I am so very thankful to all of you who support me, show up to read, comment and connect and much much more! You are all so special to me and I love that Dream Big and Buy the Shoes has become such a big part of my life and continuously puts a smile on my face- and that is because of all of you. Happy New Year friends!

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