November 6, 2017

What's New

Hi friends! I figured what better post for a Monday then a little catch up session...
What's new? Well a lot, and not much all at the same time. The biggest new thing...well, there's a baby here now. If you haven't heard, her name is Bella Charles and she joined us on October 16th. I plan on sharing her birth story and all kinds of that stuff soon, but not quite yet. 
She was in the NICU for a long, yet the grand scheme of things, 17 days. We are so thankful that baby Bella is home with us now and our family is back to normal, a new normal.
I wanted to prepare some crock pot freezer meals when I got out of the hospital, but instead I cleaned, put the finishing touches on Bella's nursery, and decorated for Christmas. Priorities right?! Instead, a friend shared a deal for some Hello Fresh meals making it only $20 for 3 dinners for Chuck and I, not bad. Both Chuck and I enjoyed the laid out steps and ease of it all, but overall enjoyed the meals from Home Chef better. I shared my thoughts on Home Chef and the entire process a while back here on the blog. 

Coffee has become an even better best friend than she already was. I drink that stuff no matter what time of the day and have become obsessed with finding the best creamers and trying every amazing sounding K-Cup known to hit Amazon. On it's way to me now is some Toasted Graham goodness from Starbucks.
Speaking of Starbucks, yes I'm ecstatic that holiday cups are out, and even more so that Gingerbread Latte's are back. Forget PSL, that stuff is my JAM! What's your favorite seasonal flavor? It's okay if you hate Starbucks...I won't judge.

While in the hospital I watched SO much TV, and now that I've been home I think I've watched a total of a few hours, and that just happened today on Sunday. Between running back and forth from the hospital to see Bella, and catching up on life I just had too much going on. Now I'm behind on This Is Us and always scroll Twitter with one eye open on Tuesday nights. Chuck and I just started watching Stranger Things, and I of course fell asleep on the couch...he's enjoying it and I'm debating if I'll catch up or just not watch- what should I do?

Parenting is absolutely crazy, I mean with an infant. I already knew it was crazy having Ethan, but I feel absolutely clueless. I wish you could see my Google history and could imagine the stuff that crosses my mind. These tiny little humans need so much and you wonder if you're doing things right and what if this isn't normal, etc. etc...but I think when it comes down to it, you just kind of figure it out by doing your own thing and hoping it works. I don't know that there's any perfect or correct way. I do know that I kiss her face about 125 times a day and tell her I love her every other sentence just hoping she understands and feels it. 

There's SO much debate around the Internet about when you should decorate for Christmas, or not decorate should we say. I get it, rushing things and holidays does seem a little wild...but why can't everyone just do what makes them happy!? Normally we don't do it until after my husband's favorite holiday- Thanksgiving, with the exception of a few trees because decorating for Christmas if my favorite...and compromise in marriage is beautiful. Can't we all just compromise and let people have their own rules? 

I think that's enough for a Monday...especially after Daylight Savings. What's new with you? Fill me in...
Thank you all for the love and support you've shown our family during our journey to Bella. We all greatly appreciate it and I'm so thankful for such amazing friends and readers! Xo!

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