November 7, 2017

October Favorites

It's time for another monthly round-up of my favorites! I'll save you the introduction of me saying how I can't believer another month has passed and how much I love finding things I love around the Internet ;)
I'm keeping it short and sweet this month, and would LOVE your feedback as I think about content and the direction of Dream Big and Buy the Shoes for the future. Do you like these posts? Are they helpful and/or interesting? Either way, I would love to hear!

Favorite Read: Taylor shares why being a dreamer is just better. Who wants to look back and think What If? Being a dreamer is the best thing to be. 

Favorite App Suggestion: The FaceTune App looks seriously awesome and easy thanks to McKenna's steps walking us through how to edit your Instagram pictures. 

Favorite Moment: Bella Charles being born, hands down. Such an amazing moment and miracle to experience-I'll hopefully share her birth story soon, but wow...what a great day!
Favorite Tip: Being a new Mom has opened my eyes to a whole new world, a sometimes tired one, but definitely rewarding. I really enjoyed these Do's and Don'ts that Liz shared when it comes to visiting new parents

Favorite Purchase: I have a TON of beauty products to share that I've been testing out, and by far my favorite has been the BECCA Cosmetics Under Eye Brightening Concealer, especially this last week adjusting to nightly feeding shifts with Bella. SO amazing and definitely worth the splurge!

Favorite DIY: Cleaning your makeup brushes can be SUCH a chore, but Tabitha made this amazing makeup brush cleaning bowl that you just HAVE to see. Making it is so inexpensive and quick, I think we all need one!

Favorite Instagram Account: Right before Halloween, I came across this post on Instagram and couldn't stop laughing. This account is downright amazing for anyone who loves reality TV and pop culture as much as me--you have to check out Two Judgey Girls!
Favorite Dream Big posts in October:

I hope you're all having an amazing start to November and enjoying the Fall weather! Link up with Macy and I one last time to share your goals, favorite moments, or best parts of your month on Tuesday December 5th.
What was your favorite part of October?

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