November 29, 2017

Christmas To -Do List

Now that Thanksgiving has passed, we can all be in full Christmas mode without feeling a little guilty about it, right?!
While I already feel a little behind on the holiday season because it all comes and goes so fast, I will still try to pack all the fun in. There's no harm in trying ;) Today I'm sharing a Christmas To-Do List of fun activities to indulge in this season.

Drive around to see the Christmas lights
There are some houses in neighborhoods around here that go ALL out and I absolutely love it. We always grab some Starbucks and hop in the car for a nice ride around town. This activity is at the top of my list because it's my favorite- there's just something magical about lights to me.

Make some boozy hot chocolate
Chuck and I LOVE hot cocoa and experimenting with different liquor mixed in is quite fun. I really enjoy Pinnacle vodka's and they have so many good flavors. One of my favorite combos is with some cinnamon roll shots in the chocolate. Maybe I can make some concoctions to share on the blog with you! If anything, it's a good reason to visit the bar cart more frequently ;)
Bake Christmas goodies
Last year I made some hot cocoa cupcakes that were a huge hit, and those will be on the list again this year. My mom's Italian cookies and maybe some chocolate covered pretzels will also be whipped up. I love taking an entire day to hang out in the kitchen and get ultra festive, and this year I have my baking assistant Bella too, so fun!
Lobby Hopping
A friend told me that she loves lobby hopping at the holidays to see all the different set-ups of hotels, and while Erie doesn't have a ton of options for that...there's a lot of cities that do. This may be a great date night idea in Pittsburgh next year for us. Please share pics with me if you do this in your area, sounds so fun!

Watch ALL the Christmas movies
Home Alone, Home Alone 2...and repeat. Kidding...maybe. Elf, A Christmas Story, National Lampoon's, The Family Stone...some of my favorites. Put on some Christmas PJ's , get some snacks and hunker in for a day or night...or both, of watching your list. What's your favorite one?

Shop for someone less fortunate or donate your time with a charity
Whether it's with work or at home, I always make sure to do this yearly. The holidays really make you realize how fortunate you are, and if you can afford to help make someone else have a brighter one- you should do it. One year Chuck and I packed boxes at the local food pantry together and this year we will be shopping for a few young children and taking Ethan and Bella. While Bella won't understand yet, I find it very important to have Ethan involved in this because no matter you preach to a child how lucky they are, the actions can help bring the message home. 

Put on some Christmas music and try a new recipe
There's SO many good Pandora stations and I'm sure we all have one holiday playlist we could listen to over and over again. Put on some tunes and get with friends or your lover in the kitchen and try something new! We just got a new Christmas record full of classics and I want to listen to it and try this cheesy tater tot bake...even if it says breakfast, I'm not one against Brinner - breakfast for dinner. Chuck will tell you he hates the idea, butttt if it has potatoes I'm sure he will be in to it.

What do you have planned this Christmas? Are there any favorite activities you do year after year?

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