October 11, 2017

Baby Lawrence- Last Update Before Delivery

I figured I would share one last update on Baby Lawrence before she joins us on the other side of this world. Last time, the bumpdate was not so positive and a little crazy but thanks to all the love, prayers, good vibes and outpouring of support we have received we are surviving!
When I first got admitted to the hospital because the doctor discovered my water had broke, I had almost no fluid and we learned that this could cause problems with baby girl's development, most specifically her lungs. After one week of being here on bedrest, my fluid levels had come up to over an 8 which was much better and showed me that even though being here is no fun, it was working in some regard. 
Soon after, I earned wheelchair privileges and was allowed out one hour a day with one of my visitors on hospital property. The first day we stayed inside, but the next day once I felt fresh air and sunshine on my face I instantly cried tears of joy. We visited the NICU and faced the reality of what is ahead for us. It was emotional, but the nurses seemed SO sweet and were very detailed and answered all our questions that we had so far.
At the beginning of September we had a very positive growth scan that showed little Lawrence was in the 61st percentile measuring at 26 weeks and 2 days when I was actually 27 weeks and 5 days. The doctors said this was positive with all the setbacks we had experienced, and she was at 2 pounds.
As the days went on I could feel baby get more and more active which is the best feeling and one I will definitely miss after this pregnancy. We had another sonogram that net week and my fluid levels were back to normal which made sense given all her activity. The technician showed that she had some hair and now weighed 2 pounds, 10 ounces.
We made it past 28 weeks which Doctors said was a big accomplishment and baby girl flipped to head down, which looking back makes me'll see why. I've been hoping to attempt to deliver without a C-section so it was good news! 

On September 9th I was on the monitor for our normal nightly time when baby girl's heart rate sky rocketed and I had to get an IV put back in and get some fluids. It came down quickly and they're not sure what happened- she may have been in a weird position. A few days later I woke up in the middle of the night and didn't feel quite right, and discovered some bleeding. They did a sonogram and discovered my hematoma I first had earlier on in the pregnancy was back and think that when baby girl flipped- AGAIN, now feet down...she may have hit it. So, I was hooked back up for fluids and monitoring when I started having contractions. The nurse called the doctor and they prepped me that we may be having a baby on September 11th. I got an emergency dose of steroids and had to get changed back in a gown in case we had to go in for surgery. I called Chuck and he made his way to the hospital and my Mother in Law came and we literally just hung out. I was on the monitor and fluids all day, and the contractions got to 2 minutes apart at one point and time, but she never came. Contractions stopped and all was good. It was quite the eventful day and we found out that my fluid levels came up even more, which is why they think she's getting more and more active...our little gymnast!
At one point just before this first episode the Doctors had discussed me possibly going home on bedrest, and I knew that after this scare it wasn't going to happen. As much as I despise hospitals, we truly are in the safest place for all that's going on with this pregnancy.

On September 18th we had another sonogram and found out baby is now weighing in at 3 pounds, growing like a champ! She flipped to head down again and it just makes me's like she's discovered all this area since there's more fluid and she's doing tricks in there.
Thursday September 21st brought a new episode when I was on the monitor during our normal time (we monitor twice a day- the nurses and doctors watch baby's heart rate and other signs) and I heard her heart rate drop. I leaned over and saw it was at 77 opposed to her normal 150 or higher. I immediately text Chuck that it was low and next thing you know my nurse was in the room. I felt baby push very high and low on me at the same time and her heart rate dropped even lower when the nurse rang for an emergency. I text Chuck, get here now. I was so scared and I looked up to count nine people in the room- nurses, doctors, help. I got an IV in me again, they put an oxygen mask on me and they ran in an emergency sonogram machine. It was hard to stay calm, but I think I was just in shock and kept counting the number of people here and looking at their faces for some sort of cue or expression. The doctor then said, "She's stuck!" So between him and some nurses they literally pushed on various parts of me to get baby in to a different position. Once I heard her heart rate get normal again I was able to relax. The doctor said she seemed to have get stuck flipping because she was now head up. I have to add that Chuck ran in the room right after they flipped her and my nurse was in shock as to how quickly he got here, from his desk at work in this room in 7 minutes...crazy! Daddy on a mission!

Thankfully, she stayed stable and we had a quiet few days. Chuck and I celebrated our 2nd anniversary on September 26 and although stuck in a hospital, we enjoyed it and talked about all the fun things to come with our new family of four.
I had my most recent sonogram and hit another huge milestone on October 2nd, we made it to 32 weeks! She gained only 4 ounces, but other than that the doctors are thrilled with her body movements, activity, heart rate and everything they monitor. She is SO active which makes us all happy to hope that she's just thriving in there. She is little, but fierce! The doctor came back after the first sonogram to tell us that she wanted one of my cord and blood flow to the placenta since the weight gain was so minimal.
The sonogram and test results showed that everything is normal, so due to my hyperthyroidism and all the issues we have had, she just may be a tiny peanut. They will continue to do this type of sonogram every Thursday and Monday until delivery and if any problems arise, we will begin to induce labor prior to 34 weeks.

Quite a few people have asked, why 34 weeks? Which is a good question. Due to my water breaking at 26 weeks, she does have to come out early because she is at a high risk for infections staying in past 34 weeks. Research has shown the doctors that the difference between 34 and 37 weeks delivery isn't enough to keep babies in longer. So, this does mean NICU time- although we aren't sure how long. Of course our hope is that it's as little as possible. We've heard wonderful and positive news from the doctors that if she makes it to 34 weeks there's a very good chance that she could be home well before her due date of November 27th because she just has that much more time inside of me to grow and develop. Every day of me still pregnant is 3 less days of little Lawrence in NICU, so we want to keep Cupcake cooking until October 16th. We won't know how long her stay will be until she's born and they can monitor things and we did find out that during labor a NICU doctor and NICU nurse will be in the side room so that they can get her as safe as possible the minute she's out. This was all reassuring to hear and reminds me that they are highly trained for this situation and our baby girl is in wonderful hands.

So, the next time I write about a Baby Lawrence update it will be after she's made her grand entrance. I know this was very long winded and a lot of information that is pretty uneventful if you're not in to babies and pregnancy, but it helps me to write it out and process it after experiencing it. I've been journaling every day and can't wait to tell little girl about all her flips and moves and this whole journey.
I once again want to thank everyone on behalf of our entire family for the prayers, love, support and positivity. Every single one of you rooting us on has helped make it through day by day. We can't wait to "internet introduce" you to our little Angel once she's here- only a few more days!

Thank you for reading- hope you're all having a wonderful week!

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