October 2, 2017

A Pinterest Positivity Board

I'm one of those people who needs positivity surrounding me to help slap me in the face when I really need it most. 
I have an e-mail inbox at work labeled LOL, pictures of memes in my camera roll that I occasionally look at just to crack up and even a Pinterest board to keep me on track. 
This board has been around for a few years, but I keep adding to it and looking at it for great, uplifting reminders and images that make me happy. Blog posts that I've written that spark inspiration and happy thoughts are also added from time to time as a nice reminder of what I was thinking or how far I've come.

From Britney Spears, Dreaming Big, Coffee and more...I  L-O-V-E having all the things that make me happy in one place, and through such a simple concept.

Forget the "rules" of Pinterest. What does positivity and happiness mean to you? It doesn't have to look pretty to be just right.
Is it a mural? Memories of your favorite city? A recipe for your go to cocktail? Your favorite words?
Put it all together so you can have a go to Happy Place...that's yours and yours alone.
Hey, if you want to-- you can even make the board private on Pinterest, so it's truly your own escape.

Another idea, which isn't anything new is a Vision Board to keep your goals and dreams in mind. I found these free printables for a vision or positivity board, and love the simplistic but cheery reminders.

I hope you take a moment to make your own Pinterest Positivity Board as a way to help get your mind right when you need it, turn your frown upside down, or just make you shine bright like the star you are!

Do you have a Pinterest board like this? What would you add to your board?

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