September 26, 2017

Thoughts On Year 2 of Marriage

Last year I shared a post about what marriage was like, since we were one year in to this whole being hitched thing. We've made it through another year and since I'm older and wiser...there's more to share.
As I already said in my cheesy anniversary Instagram post...if you would have told me 2 years ago that we would go through this much as Husband and Wife I really wouldn't have believed you. Year one was great, it was fun, we learned some things and had some arguments...but overall it was pretty low key which was needed, after coming down off a high of getting married and all that celebrating.

We shared a beautiful trip away to Boston for just the two of us to ring in our first year and it was one of the best things I've experienced with Chuck thus far. We really needed that time for just us to connect, to laugh, to take life in, and just experience things. 
A few days later, my Charlie battled a medical experience that rocked our world. I'm not here to focus on that, but holy shit can things get crazy and life really can test you when these types of things happen. In a twisted way, watching my husband persevere and overcome his battle also pushed me to get through and be there for him and our family.

As we went through the next few months I learned that I didn't need anything but our family and love. There were many days that I didn't honestly know what day of the week it was, I would find myself aimlessly wandering down aisles at the grocery store blanking out and trying to remember what I was there for and have breakdowns at the cash register hoping I didn't forget anything because I knew if I had to come back I would lose it. Day by day, life got more normal and things like a ride to the library or a walk around the peninsula at our usual spots filled my day with so much joy.
There's times as a parent you feel as if you're barely hanging on and can't do much right and I started to let go of some of this guilt and just listen to Ethan...find out what he needed. Luckily he's a resilient kid and helped me through these tough times more than he knows.

I learned that the vows in sickness and in health came in to play way before I thought they would and that's kind of when just being with Chuck as a girlfriend or fiancé made me feel different, and more like a Wife. I'm happy things didn't change much at all from the point of girlfriend to Wife because I loved our relationship. It kicked my butt in to gear to finally get my name changed...yes, I waited so long because I'm lazy...and tried to get my things organized in case something like this dare happen again. Ladies, get your name changed before you're in the middle of dealing with 100 things on top of it.
One of the scariest, nervous, and best of all exciting moments is getting to share something so special like telling your partner you're pregnant. I always thought I would be that cute Wife who would drum up some Pinterest idea and save it for a date night to make it some momentous occasion. Ha! I sat at the edge of the couch for what felt like forever waiting for him to get home and flat out interrupted Chuck recapping his day to proceed with telling him we were going to have a baby.  Life is pretty great, but one of the coolest experiences was sharing this joy. So yes, stomach flips and nervousness can also mean great things..take them in stride.

My husband knows I'm high-maintenance, I swear I wasn't always this way...and still loves me for it. But, some of my favorite nights are the ones where we have no idea what we're going to do and hit up Dairy Queen for ice cream and he surprises me with a ride to see the sunset from a different spot, because he knows they're my favorites or when we go to a local baseball game to not watch the game, but wait in line for the giveaway and go in for a hot dog and leave. The silly moments have become what I live for, because they're really the best.

So yes, life can change a LOT in a matter of 365 days. It can test you, it can surprise you, but around every challenge is another joyful memory. I'm sure our challenges are not behind us, but I know that we can make it through...together.
Charlie, Happy Anniversary--I wish I could put in to words how much happiness, and let's be real...sanity, you bring me. I'm forever the luckiest because you chose me. Thank you for being you, and taking on this journey with me...I'm ready for this part of the ride!

Photos of our beautiful memories thanks to R. Frank Photography

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