September 13, 2017

How Do You Prepare?

I fully intended on having this post go up Monday...but the draft was empty due to a never ending migraine over the weekend and not having the proper words to express my feelings.
I'm not sure I still have the right words, but I'll try. The devastation that Harvey and Irma have caused absolutely blows my mind. All the worrying, the stress, the damage, the lives at risk and much MUCH more...I just can't comprehend it. 

I have family in Texas, friends and family in Florida, and even friends I've never met in these areas too ( hi blogger friends!) who were and are constantly on my mind. It got to the point of me worrying about power, cell phone service and more that I obnoxiously sent every tip I found and read about from those who went through Harvey to our best friends preparing for Irma. I then asked if we could have a safe word, because what if their phones were dying and we couldn't text the normal paragraphs we do?!
The Weather Channel didn't leave the TV for a good 48 hours...that was a first for me. I'm not big on weather and news watching all the time because unfortunately a lot of it is sad and stresses me out too much.

As family and friend prepared I do you even prepare for something like this? Children, animals, houses, gas, power,'s so much to process. People judged other people for not getting out, or attempting to make the trek out of their homes. How do you decide? It seems pretty much impossible to make the right decision when so many sources are pulling you in different directions.

It made me think about life on a larger scale--how do you prepare for anything difficult you're about to face? You probably make a list of what's most important and go from there. Safety, necessities and beyond and work your way down the list before whatever is about to happen, just happens.

You rely on strength, faith and love. You do what you need to do and make the most out of the situation you have been dealt. It's not easy and you don't know the outcome, but you make it through stronger and most likely more grateful.

Whether it's a hurricane, a tornado, a huge life change, or something serious happening to you...I think having a positive mindset going in to things or attempting to prepare can help. While I've never dealt with anything on Harvey or Irma's level, the situations I'm reading about-- people seem genuinely relieved and grateful for the outcome thus far. Yes, some have lost everything and I can't speak for ANYONE, but when you're still alive after something like this I'm sure you come out somewhat of a different person.

There's no best way to prepare, and that's my point. It's natural and human to stress, worry, and not know what to do in these situations but following your heart and relying on your strength and the support of others can help. Here's a secret--nobody's ever ready.

To all my friends and family having to deal with these disasters--I'm constantly thinking about you and hope this all ends soon. Sending love and positive vibes to you all! XO!

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