September 25, 2017

Charlie Chat: Daddy Thoughts

It's been quite a while since our last Charlie I thought what better time to do this again than right now while in the midst of dealing with me being pregnant and crazy and a bunch of other things ;)
Let's get started..but before we begin, here's the rundown. My questions are in bold italics, Charlie's answers follow and my commentary, if any after the *asterisk.
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If I haven't mentioned it before, I will now....I always e-mail these questions to Chuck so that he can take a look and respond, and he e-mails them back. I like it that way so he's not on the spot to be too nice or come up with something he doesn't have time to think about a little. Just to give you a background on all this.

So, you're going to be a Dad...again. What are your thoughts?
I haven’t been this excited in a long time. I cannot wait to meet this little Angel. I’m always a little leery of bringing a girl into this world to be objectified and paid less for doing equal work, but I know that she’ll be strong like her Mom and beautiful like her Dad, so I think she’ll be okay. (It’s a known fact that beautiful people have an easier go than less attractive ones, so don’t hate me, it’s Science!)

Did you know this baby was going to be a girl?

I think deep down in my soul I knew she was a she was going to be a girl. All of the crap that I talked and this life that I’ve led…what else could she have been? I obviously never told you I thought she was a girl because it would have just blown your head up.

* I knew it, he knew it...this babe was destined for all thinks cupcake and pink.

How many times a day do you want to lose your shit on me? 

I don’t think it’s nearly as many as you would assume. I’ve always been cool hand Charlie, especially since last year’s medical scare, so it takes quite a bit to rile me up. Ethan on the other hand…

*I don't think I've been the easiest pregnant woman to deal with, so I was expecting this answer to go a different route. Poor guy hates sickness and I wouldn't hold back telling him how many times a day I got sick at work and bombard him with text messages. I'm glad it wasn't too bad on him though. 

What are you most excited about having a newborn again?

If I’m being honest, it’s the lovey eyes from all the college co-eds when they see me with my beautiful basic baby in my BABYBÖJRN at Starbucks. What? That’s not what you meant? I thought this was my safe place? What the hell? I have to sleep on the couch? For what? This is literal bullshit.

*No sleeping on the couch Charlie, there's middle of the night diaper changes and bottles to be had.

Do you realize how broke you're going to be for the next 30 years?

The way I look at it, Ethan will probably be living with us for at least the next 30 years and you’re already high maintenance so what’s another mouth to feed? As long as I get my Tesla, you guys can have whatever money is left from now until forever. Plus, how can I turn down Britney rompers and onesies that say “You Can’t Sit With Us”? I can’t, Emelia, I can’t.

What are you looking forward to with a girl? This is a whole new world for you.

I’m looking forward to terrible side ponies when you’re at work and her wearing UGGS in August because I can’t find her damn LeBrons. I’m looking forward to Daddy/Daughter dances and being better than Aubrey’s dad on Teen Mom 2. I can’t wait for her to love football and wrestling pay-per-views and eat chicken wings with me on the couch and I’m excited to teach her how to drive stick shift in a cemetery someday. I’m excited to do the Bad Boys 2 thing with Mike when some little Reggie comes over to pick her up for her first date and I’m excited to watch her graduate. What are YOU excited for?

*Daddy daughter dances are some of my favorite memories growing up, so this makes me really happy. I just can't wait to see all these sweet moments...but let's hold off on first dates until she's like 21.

Anything else you want to share or add?

I know that this has been a lot on you, but I am so incredibly proud of you and I could not ask for a better partner to take care of this sweet baby. She is going to be loved infinitely and probably spoiled nearly as much. She’s going to have haters early but just like her mom, these fools will never dull her sparkle. I cannot wait to see all of the amazing things she does and I know that my ride or die will be right there with me. I love you.

*I didn't expect this answer either. I thought it would be some sarcastic hilarity that usually comes out of his mouth, but thank you Charlie. I'm equally as blessed and although I don't have a clue what I'm in for, I'm ready for this new adventure with you.

Thank you friends for reading another edition of Charlie Chat, we always appreciate your comments...especially Charlie. Have a great start to your week!

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