September 20, 2017

Baby Lawrence's Nursery Inspiration

One of my favorite things is home decor and browsing online, Home Goods, Marshall's and so many more places for new fun items to add a little something extra.

So naturally, shopping for baby girl's nursery and choosing things that will work for the space has been so fun. SO many people have asked if we are going with a cupcake themed nursery, seems natural since at this point her second middle name should be Cupcake...but I just couldn't find what I was looking for. 
Almost always, I consult Chuck about his opinion when it comes to what I call,  big decisions. With our wedding, I asked about pretty much every detail, design, color, cookie...he always said--"Whatever you want." The same has gone for baby girl...he's researched some things like the monitor, and for what we will have to deal with once she's graduated NICU- decided on an Owlet and some things on the registry but other than that he's given me free reign. I wonder what he would do if I decided on straight Bubble-Yum pink everywhere...maybe regret his laid back attitude. 

Turns out, I want something pretty simple. I want it to be a peaceful place, a room where dreams are made and love lingers and keep it light and airy. So, a nursery with Dream Big vibes is what Baby Lawrence is getting. We are sticking to white, gold, and blush and moon, stars and maybe a unicorn here and there.
Some of the inspiration came from Pinterest, and a lot from browsing website after website and piecing things together. It's so fun and easy to get lost window shopping online and next thing you know your whole camera roll is filled with screenshots and ideas.

I'm kind of kicking myself now that I'm stuck on bedrest, because I kept saying...oh let's buy the crib today and then a few days would pass and then something else would come up and I still hadn't clicked purchase. We are painting the crib and changing table gold because we don't want a natural or all white color for those...something a little different is more fun!

The hardest part was finding bedding that wasn't too busy and went with the overall color scheme and didn't take away from the peaceful vibes...luckily, Amazon to the rescue as always. And isn't it so crazy the name of it is Amelia?

I wanted a few simple shelves for little things, maybe a book or two...but definitely some little keepsakes and found this adorable cloud shelf that will be perfect.

Already purchased is a few smaller rugs, including this perfect shaggy star rug and a second small white one...can't have too many of those, right blogger babes?!

One of my favorite pieces that we will be adding to the nursery is a beautiful Dream Big sign that I was gifted last year from my in-laws. They found it at an antique store and it is absolutely amazing and I've been waiting for the perfect space to hang it...I was originally thinking a home office. But now, it will be in baby girl's room after it's painted gold. I can't wait to see it on the wall!

I'm so excited to see it all come together in the next few months. I figure once she is finally here and needs to be resting in NICU this will be a good project to keep our minds off the worrying and still focus on our little girl. This whole journey has been quite the adventure and I seriously can't wait until we are all home together sitting in this dreamy, cozy space.

What do you think? I would love to hear your thoughts on baby girl's dreamy haven!!

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