August 1, 2017

July Favorites

Please tell me how it is August?! I can't believe we are more than halfway through the year. Even more of a reminder to enjoy every second. It's time to talk about my favorites from July!

Favorite Recipe: My link-up pal Macy shared some delicious sounding recipes for DIY Cold Brew Coffee...and I can't wait until post baby bump to try these. That coconut one has me drooooling!

Favorite "Let's Be Real" Advice: Veronika talks about online hate that you receive as a blogger or as a popular influencer. When I first found a hate forum by googling someone's blog name I couldn't believe what I was seeing. It's awful and while you definitely shouldn't believe it she explains why you shouldn't ignore it either.

Favorite Moment: July was a pretty fun month, from celebrating the Fourth to seeing our friends from Florida, and enjoying my birthday and time with family in many great memories. But, our gender reveal takes the (cup)cake. Whether Baby Lawrence was destined to be a boy or a girl, we sure are blessed either way. It was so special to have our family and some close friends there to enjoy the big moment with us!
Favorite Blogger Post: I just love Dana from Pink Champagne Problems...she's adorable and let's us know the real story. Even though she's a fashion blogger, which I am not...I always relate to her posts and appreciate her advice. This month her post about dealing with social pressure on having the perfect life was dead on, especially when you share your life on the Internet.

Favorite Purchase: Hmmm...soooo many good things, especially with the #NSale (see what I bought) but, this sweet little bunny with our baby girl's heartbeat playing inside was the best purchase ever. I can't get over how amazing it is to hear that sound whenever we want. Definitely a great idea for a gift to anyone you know who is expecting!

Favorite Beauty Post: I may have to go out and purchase everything in Lindsay's Nightly Skincare Routine post because her skin is so gorgeous. I love how she uses a combination of products and switches it up, because I think our skin and bodies can get too used to one thing. I will be playing around with some of these products and can't wait to see the results!

Favorite Travel Post: Alyssa has been in Boston for 13 years, so she knows a thing or two about the best spots for different activities. Her post about the best rooftop bars in Boston has definitely been added to my Pinterest Travel board!

Favorite Awesome Product Post: I'm having so much fun following Sarah's wedding planning journey...half because I really enjoy her and the other half because I wish I was doing it all over again. If you know ANYONE planning a wedding, you need to tell them about her favorite wedding planning tool that comes in a's seriously amazing. She also divulges some of her cool, creative ideas for her big cute!

Friends, it's so good to be back in a regular blogging routine. I hope you'll link up with Macy and I to share your monthly goals, recaps, or favorite moments...we would love to have you join!

Have a great Tuesday, and come back tomorrow for another new post with some good advice for slowing down time ;)

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