August 26, 2017

Car Shopping Made Simple In 5 Steps

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I'm so excited that my car is almost paid off--woo-hoo for one more debt being checked off the list. But, adding a new baby to our family means needing more room, especially when it comes to a vehicle.
Does anyone else cringe when they think about car shopping?! The process is daunting, can be boring, and also there's lots of details to think about which makes it overwhelming. It's hard to visit car dealerships and wonder if what you're hearing is true or just an elaboration of the facts behind the vehicles. Luckily, I've found help on a website which you may have heard about but not even realized the benefits within it,

1. In my opinion, the first step to buying a new vehicle is to determine what you want in your new ride. Is it a sunroof, certain safety features, or third row seating? Write it all down so you have a comprehensive list you can review as you begin your search online.

2. Next, after checking our your necessities in a vehicle, create a budget. What are you looking to spend? What is the standard price range for this vehicle? Make sure your wants from step #1 are within your means and what you are willing and able to spend.

3. Reviews are huge and I read them for pretty much everything I purchase, from a skincare product to a cute sweater including a new vehicle. has videos you can watch about the truck, van, or car you're looking at including detailed reviews and straight forward information.

4. Take your time shopping. Yes, you may be anxious and excited or need a new car right away...but choosing wisely is very important. The more time you take to do research, watch videos, talk with experts and shop in more than one place....which leads me to my next and final step.

5. Visit multiple dealerships before making a final decision on which vehicle you will purchase. Yes, shop around and see what dealers have to offer. Don't let one place haggle you in to buying right away...get your facts, leave with enough information to make an educated decision and review the other visits you made. 

With so much of your shopping and research able to be done from home, is the perfect tool to make car shopping a much simpler task than it normally is. 

Have you used before? What are your tips for car shopping?

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