August 28, 2017

Baby Lawrence Update

I didn't plan on sharing another baby update this soon, but given everything that has happened since the last one I wanted to fill everyone in.

I want to start by saying, this isn't easy but I feel like it helps me cope and I in no way want to bring anyone down...I just want to be real and raw.

After the last update at 23 weeks we had some really good visits with my fetal maternal specialist helping us make some progress with my thyroid and how it is affecting baby girl. My fluid was still low, but she grew a pound in 2 weeks which was amazing and so great to hear.
The specialist really made us feel at ease, he ran some more bloodwork on me and called us after hours to go over the results and the plan he had in place moving forward. Chuck and I were really feeling good about it all.

This past Wednesday we had a regularly scheduled OB appointment and showed up, and all was going normal until they did more growth scans- which were being ordered more often than normally would due to her growing a little behind schedule. Our doctor came in to say that my fluid was still low and he wanted to send me to the hospital to get some IV's of fluids and hopefully help in that area. He explained that I wasn't dehydrated, but my amniotic fluid was just lower than it should be. So Chuck and I made the drive to the hospital and were sent to the Maternity floor for a long 6 hours getting a few bags of fluids in my system.
After that was finished they ordered another sonogram to check my fluid levels, and we got the news that I had lost a lot. Obviously this didn't make sense at all, but we were not prepared to hear what was next.
They sent in some nurses to do some tests, and the results showed that my water broke. TMI alert- I have never felt leaking, no sudden gush- so it's crazy to think when it could of happened. But, since it did, me and baby have to stay in the hospital on bedrest to be monitored. I am at risk for an infection so I'm given antibiotics and they check my vitals several time a day to make sure I haven't got a fever either.

I took the news pretty bad, kind of lost it. It killed me to not be there for Ethan's first day of school and think about everything else I have to miss out on and am totally not prepared for. Some of those thoughts still come around daily, but I need to focus on the positive and push the bad things out of my head. 
We are in the safest place we can be. The goal is to make it to 34 weeks pregnant. Today, I am 27 49 more days to go.  A daily countdown that Charlie helped me calculate and thinking about the day to day has helped. 

The NICU doctor came to fill us in the other day also to give us some facts. Some of it was hard to hear, so that's why my goal is to stay as calm and positive as I can. Right now if baby girl was to make her entrance we have a 60-80% chance of survival but as she stays put those numbers increase...we have an 80% chance once we are at 28 weeks and 90% once we are at 30 weeks. 
I'm keeping my eye on the prize, and as much as I hate to be sitting in a bed day and night, I've been told to rest now while I can...which is great advice. 

Hearing positive stories from friends and family of those who they know and babies born early and thriving seriously help. I light up each time I hear something good, something to hold on to. I can't sit and worry about what may be...even though I'm confused and upset that this crazy stuff keeps happening. I obviously was given this to dealt with for a reason, maybe for someone who couldn't fight this type of battle. I'm blessed to have a supportive family, lucky to have a blog to turn to and express myself, friends who take my mind off being here with silly group texts and much more. 

Thank you from the bottom of my heart to everyone who has reached out and taken a minute to send prayers and positivity. I swear we are making it through because of all of you. 

Here's hoping there will be plenty more to update you on while our little cupcake stays baking for 49 more days. I'm holding on to every ounce of hope and thanking our angels above for our safety.

I hope you all have a great week! Thank you for your kindness and support through our journey!

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