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August 21, 2017

About Me in 3's

I read Pamela's answers on this post recently that she got from Emily and I always LOVE learning more about people and my favorite bloggers, so I'm passing it along and answering these questions today.
3 favorite foods
--what can I say, I love carbs!

3 things I'd never give up
my expression of creativity
my Starbucks
being ME

3 favorite cocktails
a nice glass of Malbec
vodka anything...usually with water and a lemon

3 favorite vegetables

3 favorite movies
The Departed
Devil Wears Prada
...I have like a top 7, but this only asks for 3 ;)

3 favorite simple pleasures in life
watching a sunset
enjoying our home at Christmas- the trees and lights make me so happy
having a lazy Sunday
3 things that are always in my car
car charger
pictures of my dudes

3 things I always have with me
credit card
3 things I regret doing/ not doing
letting someone wax my eyebrows too thin in high school
using tanning beds too much when I was younger
smoking cigarettes for too long/ at all- glad I quit though!

3 upcoming trips
we don't have a single thing planned...BabyWatch 2017 but that's okay with me...I'm ready for some down time!!

3 most recent places I traveled to
Corolla- Outer Banks, NC
Pittsburgh, PA
Ft. Lauderdale & Miami

3 most often used makeup products
redness cream
3 things that make me cry
sad movies
when a loved one has been hurt
when I think about times I'm missing out on with my Mom

3 things that make me laugh
Ethan's laugh, when he laughs really hard I can't stop laughing
Charlie...every damn day- he's so funny
A good funny movie- anything with Vince Vaughn usually does it.

3 places I want to visit inside the U.S.

3 places I want to visit outside the U.S.

3 blessings in my life
my health
my sweet family
my amazing friends

I hope this helps you get to know me a little better :) I would love to know one of the answers to the questions above about you...share something with me in the comments-- Have a great start to your week!

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