May 3, 2017

What's New...

Hi friends! It's been a while...four weeks to be exact. I didn't intentionally plan on taking this long of a break after admitting I've been overwhelmed, but I guess it sort of naturally happened for a reason.

Here's what I've been up to while I haven't been blogging....

Enjoying this amazing sunshine--it's SO good for the soul.

Online shopping...I told myself I would calm down, and then I discovered more things on sale at Nordstrom and Amazon Pantry. Dangerous stuff.

Refreshing our living room--moved out a huge bookcase I was really sick of and added a floating shelf for some family pictures. This is a different view of the living room than what I'm talking about--but I love it so much I had to share here too.

Chuck and I cleaned out our garage which was much overdue. I said I was going to post my wedding decor and sell it but really I don't have patience for that (awful I know) so I donated the majority of it. We got rid of SO much and it felt so good. With every holiday I have been going through decor and getting rid of things we don't use anymore so I'll continue to do that to hopefully clear out even more.

We hit the zoo and the local hot spot Sara's for some curly fries and hot dogs and enjoyed every second we could outdoors. I could watch those monkeys and orangutans for so cute.

I did this amazing thing that our new Giant Eagle (grocery store) offers--Curbside Express. It's normally $4.95 but your first 3 visits are free. I shopped online from the comfort of my couch for our groceries and picked them up Monday after work. It was glorious and I would probably pay $10 if I had to because it was that amazing. The employee wouldn't let me help load (I think that's normal) but he was super polite and made me feel really pampered--if that's a thing at the grocery store.

Went shopping for my sister in-law's wedding dress--it was so fun to be there for someone else and give advice while she was shopping (not unsolicited, don't worry). She looks like a princess, and I'm so excited for her wedding.

Saw the Pirates play the Yankees at PNC Park...Ethan requested to go to the game so we went with my father-in-law and had a bunch of fun. I love that place!
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Read 3 books- that means a blog post is coming on those. I've REALLY missed writing book recaps, so yay for that!

I think that's all the major stuff...nothing too crazy, but much needed to clear my head.
What's new with you? I've missed you all-- it feels so good to write again!

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