May 15, 2017

It's Time To Spill The Beans...

Hi everyone! I know I said I would get better at this blogging thing I once did. I swore I was going to get some energy and get back in to it. Part of me knew that was possible, and the other part of me knew what was really going on.

We announced earlier today...that we are pregnant! Well,, I am...but you know what I mean. Our family is so excited that new Baby Lawrence is coming this Thanksgiving!

I hope this explains a bit of my unexpected blogging break. My little breakdown back in March made sense weeks later when I took a few tests and saw the words PREGNANT. No wonder I was feeling so tired and out of sorts!

When I'll get back to consistently posting...I don't know,  because the sickness and exhaustion have taken a front seat, while I'm growing this little babe. I will share bits and pieces of our journey here, because I want to document it and I love reading other's updates. I want to keep the beginning stages and how I found out private to our family, but I can share that we are all SO excited for this sweet baby to join our crew.

To all the Mom's (birth moms, adoptive moms, puppy moms, godmothers, and any mom who nurtures a sweet soul) --I hope you had the best Mother's Day. Next year, I will have one more blessing to count when I celebrate and that means the world to me.

An extra special thank you to my wonderful husband who has been super supportive and extra sweet- including being the creative brain and photographer behind our announcement and big brother Ethan who checks on me non-stop to make sure I'm okay and all our family and friends who have shared in our excitement and given us unconditional love.

Have a great week friends, XO!!

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