March 17, 2017

Things I'm Loving Lately

I wanted to lighten things up a bit after Wednesday's post about sensitivity. While this is a bit random, I thought you also may want to know about some of my favorites this Friday.
While the whole world is currently obsessed with Ed Sheeran (me included) I am loving some of the remixes and can't stop listening to one in particular. A friend of mine is re-watching Jersey Shore...brilliant idea, and that led me to follow DJ Pauly D on Snapchat. He's pretty hilarious still and was sharing some of his DJ that what it's called? He was definitely spitting fire- HA...and I'm in love with this Shape of You remix by Tdot Illdude- just don't ask me to pronounce his name.

Has anyone else tried the Girl Scout cereal? I may have already crushed a whole box of the Caramel Crunch (aka Samoas, why change the name?!) and yes we have the Thin Mints too. While my cereal choices aren't the healthiest, at least I haven't eaten a single Girl Scout cookie this year. Keep me away, I'll stick with the box of cereal I can eat throughout a few weeks...if the cookies come my way I can usually eat a whole box in just a few days--bad news bears.

I went to hot yoga Tuesday night. It was  great and I really needed to move my body like that. While I poured sweat for over an hour and had shaky legs on the drive home, it really felt good to push myself. I'm not a big exercise fanatic and I want to take care of my body so I'm trying new things. I used to occasionally go to hot yoga years ago and it felt nice to take some time for myself and venture outside of my comfort zone. Usually my free time is spent blogging, reading, watching reality TV or shopping so doing something other than that was refreshing. Call me crazy, but then I started looking up barre is on my 101 in 1001 list and I have still yet to attend one. I think that's going to change soon- I'm getting really excited to keep trying new things.

Speaking of reality TV, has anyone watched Summer House on Bravo? On one of the episodes of Vanderpump Rules they visited Montauk and met up with this east coast crew and a spin-off was born. Basically Summer House is the east coast version of Vanderpump Rules. This gang lives and works in New York City during the week and on the weekends in the Summer all head out to the Hamptons and live in a house together to party like rockstars. Short story, I love it. The drama, the hot messes, the's all entertaining. If you're not watching it, you should.

I know it's not new, but does anyone else just LOVE the Gatorade Bars All of the Lights commercial? I mean I love the song in general, so much so it was our wedding entrance song but the beat of it and the people singing it in the commercial makes me dance in my living room everytime I hear it.


Last but not least, I am kind of obsessed with getting deals lately. Target is pretty much my favorite store and I usually find myself there a few times a week. I had the REDcard debit card years ago, but then I switched bank accounts and never did it with my card. I got a new one a few weeks ago and have been kind of crazy about saving money at Target. I find myself saying- Chuck, don't get milk at the store, I'll get it at Target- we get 10% off! Combining the deals on Cartwheel with the debit card is pretty much awesome and really exciting. I've saved over $15 both times in my trips this past week- score!

I hope you all have a great weekend, more snow is coming here. Grin and bear it, right?! Hope the sun shines wherever you are- that's the thing that keeps me going through Winter. Enjoy!

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