March 13, 2017

The Numbers Game

I got this post idea from Always, Al and thought it would be fun to share. The numbers game is a way to get to know me a little bit better and share what's going on in my world.

Here we go....

5 - the approximate number of alarms I set each morning I'm a freak...I know. My husband probably cusses me out in his head, ha-ha.

1- I paint my nails about once each week at home. If I'm going on a trip I usually treat myself to a gel manicure.

3- books that I'm currently reading. No wonder I haven't finished any of them yet, it's a bit hard to read three at a time.

9- how many years this May that Chuck and I have been together.

30- the average number of phone calls I handle a day at work.

89- days until our family vacation to the Outer Banks. I am beyond excited for a week on the beach complete with a house full of family and fun.

51- the number of lipsticks and glosses I own. Yes, I counted them all.

7- lipstick and glosses were in my purse. You never know what color you'll need ;)

102- pins I knocked down in a game of bowling on Friday. I'm not that good, but I always have fun!

4- usually the amount of times I think about cupcakes in some way daily...what kind I'll bake next, the next cupcake shop I want to visit...the list goes on and on.

6- days until Beauty and the Beast...I'm SO EXCITED!

2- times I've purged items from closets and cabinets so far this year. Feels so good to really clean and get rid of things we aren't using or don't need anymore.

52- books I want to finish for my Goodreads reading challenge this year.

508- posts published on Dream Big and Buy the Shoes so far!

10-my soccer number and the number Ethan wears on his soccer jersey now :)

30- the number of items I bought at Target this weekend.

15- dollars saved at that last Target trip with my Cartwheel app and REDcard-score!

Share some numbers of yours with me--Happy Monday everyone!

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