March 7, 2017

February Favorites

I found some great links, pictures and posts around the web in February that I am so excited to share with you today. My hope is that you find some inspiration and reasons to smile as you check them out.

Favorite DIY: Okay...Kallie is KILLING it lately with the fun DIY projects, but this dinosaur planter was by far my favorite. I mean, the cuteness is just too much and it looks so simple.

Favorite Outfit: I am loving Pamela's outfits- she always looks flawless and this one is perfect for casual weekend wear. Her edgy look is so chic and on point...I love every piece of it, her hair included.

Favorite Home Decor Post: Mary's decor is so cute and I love how she puts together her home. She gathered 15 different office decor pieces UNDER $15--amazing! I especially love the Boston skyline print.

Favorite Truthful Post: I really enjoy Dana's posts and this piece about her choice to skip New York Fashion Week this year was so raw and honest. Being so in to social media and always "on" gives us the chance to see so much of Fashion Week, but we don't get to see it ALL and I love what she shared in this post. Go girl!

Favorite Purchase: I bought a little toooo much makeup (oops) but guys, I can't believe how great the Kylie Lip Kit is. I bought the color Valentine and was shocked when I actually got one. I was on my phone, iPad and computer and all 3 screens were spinning...loading...and finally my phone popped up on the checkout screen. It came pretty quick and is the cutest pink color.
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Favorite Advice: Brighton just purchased a beautiful house and broke down what actually happens when you buy a home for us. I loved all the real life advice and things you don't often know or really hear about in all those online articles you skim through.

Favorite Recipe: Did someone say skinny mac and cheese? YES PLEASE! Kenzie shared a round up of 15 super easy and healthy recipes that sound absolutely amazing and includes everything from breakfast to snack and smoothies.

Favorite Moment: That's tough...the month flew but we enjoyed a nice Valentine's date night and dinner out, a murder mystery dinner (first timers- so fun!), a few roadtrips to shop and some seriously gorgeous warm days! I can't get enough of the beautiful skies on these sunny days.
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Favorite Sentimental Post: Nadine is seriously melting my heart with her posts about baby Zoe, and this reminder to love the little things is incredibly sweet. From belly laughs, random fun on a Tuesday and's so important to enjoy every second.

Favorite Sweet Story: If you're on Facebook, I'm sure you heard of the Dad who made his daughter's dream come true with a Beauty and the Beast photo shoot. But even if you did already read it, it's too good not to share again...this girl is so cute and I would love to have photos like this, just sayin.

Favorite Instagram Find: Boop My Nose. Too cute...for real. Look at these animals. They post 2 pictures a day and have been cracking me up the past few days since I found the account. You can take your own and hashtag #boopmynose to get your furry friend featured.
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I cute is that nose? BOOP!

Favorite Dream Big Posts:
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Dear Mom...

Hope you are having a great start to your week. Tell me some favorite moments or great reads from your month! Link up with Macy and I and grab a button below.

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