March 1, 2017

Be Grateful Every Day

Sometimes I get so mad at myself for the way I react to things. See, I can be short tempered and anxious which can lead me to say things out of frustration instead of expressing my feelings how I really want to.
I often am really bad at cooking dinner. I can make one thing really well...but who the hell can time everything perfectly being done together, at the same time and a decent temperature? It's like a juggling act with one too many balls on a tightrope, and I am certainly not that coordinated.
It was last week when actually cooking dinner (I usually leave that to my husband because of my above mentioned lack of skills) that I had this thought as I burned part of the meal. Instead of being super annoyed that I ruined part of dinner, I should be really grateful for the rest of what's on my plate. I sat down to eat and calmed down after angrily dropping a few obscenities and getting worked up over something so silly.

There's times I get frustrated when I don't feel like I have enough time in the day. I try to stay a few blog posts ahead of schedule or have at least one dinner planned for the upcoming week. But tonight I sit here typing with one hand while the other is rubbing my teenager's head as he lays on me snoring. He should have been in bed a few hours ago but wanted to stay downstairs with us. Instead of arguing, I let him lay here and fall asleep with one of my head rubs. For these quiet moments, I am so thankful.

So today...instead of being annoyed for having a bad hair day, be thankful you have a head of hair. There's some people out there who have suffered from something and don't have hair of their own.
Instead of getting mad for catching the train when driving to work, be thankful you have a car to drive.
Instead of being sick of your job, be thankful you have the opportunity to work and make money. Some people weren't given the skills or chances to do something so meaningful each day.

Take a moment to count your blessings, and be grateful for something each and every day. From a beautiful sunrise to a delicious meal, laughs with loved ones and a bed to sleep in each night...there's always something to cherish.

Hope you're having a wonderful week friends! What's something you're thankful for today?

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