March 15, 2017

Are We Too Sensitive?

Lately a lot of conversations are turning in to deep thoughts, that then result in a blog post. I wonder if I'm thinking too much or if I'm just pondering a lot these days, or if I have a lot to say (well, that's always the case). 

I was discussing a sad situation that happened involving one of my stepson's friends. We got word that he was hospitalized after an attempted suicide. Seriously awful and incredibly upsetting, especially at 13. The whole incident occurred as a result of bullying. 
Then this comment was made to me... "People are just too sensitive these days, especially kids."

Really? No. This young boy was bullied and was affected so negatively by it that he wanted to end his life because of it. Now, there are a thousands different things that could have happened or gone through this boy's head and I don't know 100% of the story. I don't know how he was bullied or why he thought he should try and commit suicide, but I do know he tried...and that is enough.
Maybe people's feelings can get hurt a little too easy. Maybe we need to toughen up our children a little more. Maybe people are too sensitive. Or maybe you're just an asshole.

At my stepson's school they inform children how bullying is wrong, and go even further on the subject to implement pillars of excellence and they teach them about good morals and how to use them day to day. Some child felt like they didn't have to behave appropriately and in some way bullied another student. That child was then so affected by it that he tried to harm himself.

Bullying is a problem. In our adult world we call it mean girls. Whatever you want to call it, they're everywhere. Calling someone fat, ugly, or stupid is called bullying. If you become upset for someone saying rude things to you, you are not too sensitive. You are human.

Ethan was called fat last year by a student in gym class. He didn't want to talk to his Dad or I about it, and actually I found out through monitoring things on his phone and discovered he told his friend about it. That night he didn't want to eat dinner and wouldn't tell us why. We knew why. I cried myself to sleep that night thinking about the whole thing. I have been told that "I'm bigger than other women."I would rather hear that 500 times than someone call my stepson fat. Words can scar you.
Am I over-protective? Maybe. Am I sensitive? Sometimes. Am I a normal woman just trying to navigate through life the best way I know how? Hell yes. 

We are all allowed to react to situations in different ways, that is what makes us individuals. I want to live in a way that works for me. I want my stepson to know that I feel for him, and for his friend who was so hurt. I may say I love you to him and my husband 35 times a day, but I want them to know that I support them...I love them no matter what they are feeling...I am in their corner 1000% of the time and always will be. 
There are days I am a little more fragile, but I think after all the bullshit I have dealt with in my life I have earned the right to have bad days or sad ones too. Haven't we all? I think so. 

Life isn't always unicorns and rainbows, and sometimes people aren't too sensitive...they are just themselves. Spread a little love today--we all can use some.

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