February 15, 2017

You Are A Survivor

I read an article a few weeks ago that I came across on Facebook. Sometimes Facebook really makes me laugh...I'll be scrolling down my page and see everything from a baby announcement to a Buzzfeed quiz to determine which Saved By The Bell character you are most like all the way to a really awesome piece of news, all within 5 minutes.
This particular article was discussed how more Mom's need praise. Yes, they totally do. But I got to thinking....don't we all need a little more praise? Believe me, I get it. Mom's do a heck of a lot...I could never ever be a single Mom- so they do even more. What about the other people? There's more than just Mom's out there that deserve a little pat on the back. To me, a survivor is anyone who comes out the other end with their head held high. You do a lot and deserve to be commended too.

To the single Mom making it out the door in one piece only five minutes late this morning, even with a spill of coffee down your shirt ...You Are A Survivor.

To the college graduate hustling at your boring 9-5 and coming home to apply for the career you truly want and not falling asleep until it's all done at 3 A.M. ...You Are A Survivor.

To the man packing lunches in the morning so your wife can sleep in, working hard all day and checking Math homework at night while dealing with technical issues your wife can't handle...You Are A Survivor.

To the girlfriend keeping up with laundry, meal planning, and everything in between...while still making your winged eyeliner look good...You Are A Survivor.

Look in the mirror...You. Are. A. Survivor.  Yes you...every single one of you making it through the day.

Give yourself some credit and a pat on the rock.

Happy Wednesday friends!!

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