February 3, 2017

What I Read In January

I'm excited to share January's reads with you since I got so much done and read about one per week. I loved giving you a peek in to what was to come for this month's review and hope you like the variety of what I read.

From a random pick at the library to a surprise book delivered to my door, I really enjoyed every single one this month and am glad I had such a fun selection.

Dear Amy 4/5
I picked up Dear Amy when returning a few books at the library and started browsing a section where they have some newer books on display. I liked the cover and thought the title itself was interesting so I rented it. At first it was a slower story, but as I got into it I couldn't put it down and would find myself fighting to stay awake at night while reading and see what happened next.
Margot is a teacher who writes for the local paper in a "Dear Amy" advice column and one day she gets a disturbing letter like she's never received before. She starts  receiving more and more letters from a girl who has been missing for years and the case gets extremely interesting as time goes on and the story gets more involved.
This book didn't get a very high reading on Goodreads, but the ending and how it came together was really shocking which made it a great read.

Sunset In Central Park 4/5

I read all but 40 pages of this on the plane down to Florida and loved the story, especially from reading Miracle on 5th Avenue and already knowing some of the characters in the series. Frankie is a friend of Eva's who is one of the partners in their event planning business and has always been a pessimist on love, especially after her parents awful divorce. Matt, one of her best friend's brothers has always loved Frankie and decides to explore what she's all about under the layers of her personality. The new revelations between both of them get more and more interesting as the story goes on. I loved this interesting twist on a love story and following along their paths and developing relationship.

Behind Closed Doors 5/5
Another book I finished in one weekend. I'm telling you...cozying up on the couch buried in a book with no plans is one awesome way to enjoy a winter weekend. This was such a good read and so twisted that at first I really didn't know how the story was going to go. It's told from the perspective of the wife, Grace and switches off between the present and the past.
To outsiders, Grace and her husband Jack's life looks perfect...beautiful home, great relationship...but when no one knows what goes on behind closed doors is absolutely crazy. I loved how the story flipped from the present story to what had happened leading up to now and really thought that told it in a unique way. It was shorter book, so it was very easy to read and I would add it to your list of great mysteries.

Although this read started a little slow to me, it had my attention from early on...if that makes sense. I started reading this on the flight home from Florida after a quick nap and was already 10 chapters in by the time the wheels touched the ground. Joe is a college student with a rough home life who has a writing assignment that comes up for English class. He has to interview a stranger and write a brief biography about them so he finds Carl in a local nursing home. Carl has just been released from prison for rape and murder charges on parole to the nursing home because he's dying of cancer. The story gets real interesting when we find out what was going through Carl's head when the murder happened and how Joe keeps everything afloat when dealing with his autistic brother and alcoholic mother. I was finishing the last few chapters late at night in bed and was kind of scared to be reading them in the dark, but I really wanted to finish the book. You know a book is good when it has a grown woman scared of the dark...ha-ha. Such a good read, and I'm so happy Hello Book Lover surprised me with this pick. 

To be honest, I have SO many on my "To Read" list,  I don't know what I'll be checking out this month. Right now I'm starting with Sprinkle With Murder (Cupcake Bakery Mystery #1) since it combines my love of mystery and baking...I'm interested to see what it's like.

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What have you been reading?

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