February 20, 2017

To The Next 500....

Today marks 500 posts I've published in this little space of mine. My first post was so random and while I was a little nervous if people would be interested in what I had to say but I also was just doing this to have a little fun. I must admit, some days it's tough keeping up with it all when it comes to blogging. I have dreams of growing my blog, reaching more people, inspiring young women, etc etc....and then a day just happens. A long work day, laundry, dishes that need put away, homework that needs checked, hair that needs straightened...but seriously.

I can't believe it's been almost 3 years because sometimes it feels like just yesterday I had this crazy idea of starting a blog. I've met a few bloggers in person, had the privilege of working with several more and get to connect with so many people I never would have if it weren't for dreaming big and just going for it. There's some people who still don't get blogging...why I do it, what it is, why I would spend all this time doing something on the side that doesn't always pay me, but that's okay. I do this because I love it, because it feels good to get my feelings out, to share some books and beauty products or why I love Britney Spears so damn much. If I make you smile, then I've done my job.

So to those who show up here...Thank you for reading, thank you for listening, thank you for being there, thank you for your support...your uplifting words, kind comments and good advice. Whether you've been reading for one week or one year....I truly appreciate you taking the time to make me and my blog part of your day.

Remember to do something for deserve to make yourself happy and you are in control of that joy. Dream big...and always buy the shoes.

To the next 500 friends...Xo-

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