February 7, 2017

January Favorites

I'm so excited to share my first Favorites post of the New Year. I love a new start with fresh ambitious goals, a refreshed outlook on life and so many plans. 

I really enjoy finding things around the Internet to share with you in hopes it brings you some inspiration or an idea to follow through with. 

Favorite Positivity Post: Chelsea always has a way of speaking to me and when I read her words I feel powerful. She shared a post about making your life a place you like to be and it's amazing...everyone must read this. 

Favorite Travel Post: Coming from someone who's only been to Disney once (Me!) it was great to read how Macy did Disney in four days. I definitely want to go again someday, so I pinned this for future many great tips!

Favorite Purchase: Probably my new Dior mascara. Call me crazy, but mascara is the one product I can't live without. When in doubt, apply great mascara.

Favorite Recipe: I always like finding things that look easy to make and delicious too...that's where Missy from My Shitty Kitchen comes in with this dish. This low carb spinach and artichoke chicken casserole looks to die for. My husband doesn't like all the ingredients used, so I may make it a night we have friends over, so I don't have to eat the whole dish...although I may not mind too much. 

Favorite Moment: Visiting my bestie in Florida was hands down the best thing in January. I miss having her only a few minutes away and spending a long weekend with her was just what I needed.

Favorite Piece of Advice Post: I don't remember how I stumbled upon this post about traveling, but it came at a perfect time...the airport on my way to Florida. My favorite part of The Wandering Blonde's writing was connecting when she said how the feeling of seeing a new city or country stays with you rather than the specific street you were on when you had that beautiful moment. 

Favorite Seasonal Post: Who doesn't love hot chocolate this time of the year? Bonus points for it being pink...which is what Lauren did with hers. Check out this totally fun pink hot chocolate recipe

Favorite Dream Big Posts:
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