February 17, 2017

Charlie Chat: Long Time No Chat's been a while since the last time we sat down to talk to my husband. I have a feeling he's been missing could be the random comments from his friends like "I really like when Chuck is on the blog, those are the best days" or when I ask Chuck what I should write about he says "Well you haven't done a Charlie Chat in a while, and people want Charlie." Either we are.

In case you's how this works: 
Let's get started. But before we begin here's the rundown.
My questions are in bold italics, Charlie's answers follow and my commentary, if any, is after the *asterisk.'s been a while since we have heard from you.What's new?
 Hey! It's good to be back in <checks note card> the internet! Since we last spoke, I successfully avoided an assassination attempt, turned 36 and bought some obnoxious speakers while I distracted you with a weekend getaway to Lil' Havana.

*How does he already know the next question? Ugh...Charlieeeee!

People tell me that you're a really awesome husband. Case and point- you sent your wife away to Florida for the weekend, no strings attached. Some people were left wondering...why? What's in it for you? 
Funny you should ask, see above. I swear I didn't get an advance copy of these questions. TBH, I know it's been rough on you Angels being apart and since I've been dealing with some separation anxiety of my own, I wanted to save you from it...So I dreamt big and bought the speakers.

*To bring everyone up to speed...the Angels are our girlfriends in Florida- because there's 3 of us ladies...and our Charlie. Legit...this man bought some big ass unnecessary speakers. I walked in to the garage the next morning after I returned home from Florida to see a giant box and yelled "Charlieeeee what the hell are these?!" To which he replied, "Speakers." Men....

What's some advice you have for the couples out there when it comes to being a good partner? Honest communication is the key. And a sense of humor. I've come to find that secrets don't make friends, hard conversations up front beat the hell out of hard explanations after the fact and you can't take yourselves too seriously. Spoiler alert, we all die at the end of this crazy trip so have fun. (Charlie 2.0 is deep, yo!)

St. Patrick's Day is coming...your favorite holiday. Kidding. We all know from that one Charlie Chat that it's Thanksgiving. But in the spirit of beer, what's your favorite kind?
 I'm a Bud Heavy kind of guy. I know that's not the cool thing and I should say some IPA from a local with 12.4% APV but I'm still on the hunt for a beer that tastes like the ones that come out of the faucets at the Budweiser brewery in St Louis.

*He still tells me the story of visiting the Budweiser Brewery...I don't get it, I'm a fan of vodka and tequila...not beer.

It's been snowing a lot in Erie. Do you like the snow? How do you feel about living in one of the top ten snowiest cities? 
Short answer is that I hate it. Longer version is that I really just hate the cold, not really the snow. If it's cold out, there might as well be snow. I used to really like to snowboard and drink hot cocoa and check out the snow bunnies but that was a lifetime ago, so now I can do without. If some of these Southern states would stop passing and upholding laws from the 1950's, we'd be on the first thing moving.

*I honestly just wanted to hear his rant about how much he dislikes the cold. Is that evil? HA!

Valentine's Day has passed, but we can still talk about it. What did you get your wife for Valentine's Day? Where did you get the idea? 
Wait...what? When was Valentine's Day? I'm kidding, obviously. What kind of blogger husband would I be if I didn't order you Georgetown Cupcakes in early January to be delivered on Tuesday? Fun fact: TV cupcakes cost more than a gallon of gas!

*I squealed with joy when they arrived and couldn't wait to get home from work. They're just so pretty...and delicious.

Anything else you want to share Charlie?
 I'd like to address your readers directly now, if I could...I really enjoyed Boston and meeting you, Biana. You had some great tips and you really made the city come alive. I also really appreciate all of the support we received from the blogosphere when we got back. Knowing that you were all reaching out to Emelia and helping her deal means the world to both of us and I am forever in your debt. We should do this again soon. Be sure to like my status, comment below and subscribe for more awesome Charlie Chats. (That's Ethan's YouTube plug. I totes stole it. But seriously, let's do lunch soon.)
*But for real...thank you for all your support...always and especially in the difficult times. It's so nice to know so many people care for not only me, but my family as well. And in case you want to smile today...go ahead and watch this adorable video Ethan made 5 years ago on his own. His little voice, his cough and hilarious facial expressions kill me every time I watch it.

I hope you all have a wonderful fun and warm weekend...I'm ready for sunshine!

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